CAUFLAND: Huge Christmas Bonus?  The employees really get that much
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Kaufland, based in Neckarsulm, is a good business owner. But how high are special payments, such as a Christmas bonus for employees?

If you want to get nice gifts for your loved ones on Christmas, you can look forward to an additional injection of cash from your employer in the form of Christmas bonuses. Special payments at the end of the year for many employees are meticulously planned. Collective bargaining employees in Germany receive more Christmas bonuses than other employees. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 87.2 percent of all collective bargaining employees this year are entitled to corresponding special payments at the end of the year. But not all employees have a chance to receive a Christmas bonus – however, Kaufland employees can look forward to it!

Employees at Kaufland, headquartered in Neckarsulm, also receive special payments – but exactly how much Christmas bonus is available to employees at Kaufland? asked the food giant. Since payments are agreed upon in the relevant collective agreements, they differ greatly from one branch to another.

Kaufland in Neckarsulm: This is how much Christmas bonus employees really get

It ranges, for example, from €5,651 (processing of coke and mineral oil) to the lowest value of €301 that temporary workers receive on average, such as German news agency (dpa) mentioned. The applicable collective agreement is also the basis for payment in Kaufland.

“Depending on the tariff area, the Christmas bonus for employees in Kaufland ranges from 50 to 62.5 percent of the group wage,” a Kauffland spokeswoman explains when asked. How much does this special payment actually get for the employee? Because roughly 50 to 63 percent of the salary seems fine, but what do employees at Kaufland actually earn?

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Kaufland: 50 to 63 percent of the Christmas bonus of these salaries

according to 772 Kaufland employees have already introduced salary transparency by posting their wages on the website. This results in the following table:

Retail clerk/man: average gross 30,700 euros / year

Retail sales force: average gross €25,400 per year

Head of Department: average gross EUR 46,000/year

cashier: average gross 23,500 euros / year

buyer: average gross 67,900 euros per year

The following Christmas bonuses stem from this gross income: Retailers or women can look forward to around €1279/total. A buyer in Kaufland, who earns an average of €67,900 per year, can expect around €2830/total. Both projects were based on 50 percent of the gross monthly salary.

It remains to be seen whether anything will change for the employees from December 1, 2021. Because from this moment on, the Schwarz Group, to which Kaufland also belongs, has a new head. 50-year-old Gerd Cherzanowski inherits Klaus Gehrig, who left the company in the summer, how I already mentioned.

Rubiklistenbild: © Monika Skolimowska / dpa


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