The smoke was expected to move to the city center after a fire broke out on a company premises in Freudocross. The fire brigade was alerted at 8.40pm on Saturday (July 3). Since then, emergency services from the Chief Constable and fire trains to Lennon-Mitte, Allstead and Brampour have been on site. At the request of the editorial board, the fire brigade informed the editorial board of the so-called large pack containing aluminum particles.

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On Saturday (July 3) the fire brigade was called to the recycling company in Friedaxstras. A metal fire caused a lot of smoke.

At 9:21 p.m., the Nina Alert app released information to the public. The stench of fire in Lonan can lead to harassment. There is no danger, it says in the application.

In the case of a metal fire, the task of extinguishing is more complicated. The fire brigade expects a long deployment. Great heat builds up. Our correspondent at the site, firefighters poured sand with a wheel loader on the burning metal. The wall of the corporate building was damaged in the fire and there was a truck parked on the street.

Friedaxstras has been detained by police.

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