FinFisher Trojans Manufacturer Shutting Down

Software manufacturer FinFisher in Munich has come to an end. According to a media report, the company behind state-owned Trojan Finspy has gone out of business and laid off all employees.

The state-run Trojan manufacturer FinFisher is bankrupt and its companies are shutting down. This was reported by the news platform It is based on statements from the responsible insolvency administrator and the company’s former CEO.

“The three companies FinFisher GmbH, FinFisher Labs GmbH and raedarius m8 GmbH have filed for bankruptcy.” Appropriate actions have been opened. In addition, the company suspended its operations, “the office is closed, and all 22 employees have been laid off.”

According to, the situation in the Munich site also speaks of the termination of business operations. Nobody works there anymore and the message box is locked, they say. “ website, email addresses and phone numbers are no longer available.” FinFisher did not participate in any event at the beginning of March, despite the announcement and the contract.

Bankruptcy proceedings began in December

In 2019, three NGOs and filed a complaint against FinFisher. The accusation: The company was said to have illegally exported software to the Turkish government.

In 2020, the commercial premises of the group of companies and private apartments were inspected. At the end of 2021, the Prosecutor General’s Office wanted to confiscate the assets of the group of companies “that arose from allegedly illegal deals.”

The Munich District Court started FinFisher’s bankruptcy proceedings in December 2021, like meT shop Reported by Bankruptcy was meant to be a maneuver to solve the company’s legal problems in an uncomplicated manner.

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FinFisher’s spyware program has been repeatedly criticized, not just because the use of government Trojans in Germany is controversial. Canadian researchers He had a company program It has also been discovered in repressive countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Ethiopia.


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