Kann sich in seinem Kurs bestätigt fühlen: Mercedes-Benz-Chef Ola Källenius. Foto: dpa/Sebastian Gollnow

He can feel certain on his path: Mercedes-Benz coach Ola Kallenius. Photo: dpa/Sebastian Julno

Shareholders of the Mercedes-Benz group that manufacture cars can look forward to a dividend of five euros per share. 70 cents of the profit comes from the stake in the truck division, which was separated at the end of the year.

Stuttgart –

Shareholders of the Mercedes-Benz Group can look forward to a high dividend payout. The group intends to pay a dividend to shareholders of five euros per share for fiscal year 2021. Daimler will again pay a joint dividend for fiscal year 2021, as the auto and truck divisions were only separated in December.

In 2021 there were 1.35 euros

The Mercedes-Benz Group announced that 70 cents of the five euro profit was based on the truck and bus division’s share. Last year, €1.35 per share was distributed to Daimler shareholders for the 2020 fiscal year. During the separation process, shareholders received one share in the Truck and Bus division for every two shares held by Daimler. The annual general meeting has yet to formally approve the dividend proposal at the end of April.

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For fiscal year 2019, there was a dividend of 90 cents per share. For 2018, the amount was 3.25 euros, and for 2017 it was 3.65 euros.

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