Edica: The juice dispute goes to court!  This is what it means for customers

Edica: The next round in the juice feud! Now he’s going to court

Edica: The next round in the juice feud!  Now he is going to court.

Edica: The next round in the juice feud! Now he is going to court.

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Who is currently in edica Looking for some specific products that you will be disappointed.

because edica I actually threw Granini juices out of the range some time ago and replaced them with their own brands. Now the dispute continues to escalate!

Edica: No more “C” in the supermarket

But how did the controversy actually arise? Eckes-Granini, which also includes the “Hohes C” brand, raised prices at the beginning of the year. edica Do not want to go along, reports “Stern.”

There was a heated argument between the supermarket chain and the supplier.


This is Edica:

  • Edeka was founded in Leipzig in 1907
  • edica means NSCooperative purchase DrHe is NSGrocer
  • Edeka is headquartered in Hamburg
  • Turnover: 61 billion euros (2020)
  • 402,000 people employed in EDICA (as of 2020)


And then a while ago, the hammer: Edeka threw the entire range of Eckes-Granini off the shelf – and replaced the products with juices from the “Albi” brand. This brand has been a part of Edeka since 2017.

So far, juices have been sold in tetra packs, but after discarding the granini, the juices are served in PET bottles with a bandage around the stomach. They are very similar to the bottles from Granini.

Edica: The dispute goes to court

Enough reason for Eckes-Granini to take the dispute to court! Because the juice manufacturer sees its brand rights under attack. Eckes-Granini obtained an injunction against Edeka before the Hamburg Regional Court.


More about Edica:


The supermarket chain will not let it calm down and wants to clear the dispute in court, says out loud “strict“Our goal is to protect our high-quality brands and protect our interests,” says a spokeswoman for the juice manufacturer. food newspaper.

No one knows how the feud will end in the end. Customers who want to drink “Hohes C” or Granini juices should be prepared for the fact that they will not be available in Edeka for a long time. (Evo)

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