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A number of Ferrero products in Rewe are also recalled due to the risk of salmonella infection. Whether this also affects children’s chocolate and children’s bars and what you need to do.

Cologne – After the big Ferrero recall in Rewe, consumers in Germany are asking a lot of questions. Especially the products that are affected. Because classic children’s chocolates and children’s bars in particular are very popular with many. Are batches in Rewe also affected by the risk of salmonella infection?

office manager office manager Alba, Italy
Number of Employees 38.767 (2021)
Sales volume 12.7 billion. US dollars (2021)
Sales countries more than 170
foundation 1946, Italy
owner Giovanni Ferrero
Executive Director Labo Civility (1. Sep 2017-)

Salmonella risk in Ferrero: Rewe recall not for baby chocolate and baby bars

The salmonella scandal in Ferrero has escalated in recent days. After many other supermarkets in Germany, such as Netto, Edeka, Penny, Kaufland, Aldi, Lidl or Globus, Rewe now also has a big recall. But this does not affect every Ferrero product that is on the shelves of the Cologne-based food company. Among other things, children’s chocolate and children’s bars are not affected, a Ferrero spokeswoman explained when asked by 24RHEIN. “Children’s chocolate and bars are not made in the Arlon factory,” the spokeswoman said. Only the Belgian plant is affected by an outbreak of salmonella. So there is no risk with other “baby” products.

Ferrero’s Rewe recall: What baby products were affected?

Kinder Surprise 3er Pack (3x 20g) Classic Egg 4008400240329 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Pack of 3 (3x 20g) Pink Egg 4008400480329 All MHD
Children’s chocolate candy 125 g 5413548280189 All MHD
Chocolate candy for children 200 g 5413548283128 All MHD
Chocolate candy for children 300 g 4008400621722 All MHD
Bones Kids Chocolate 200g + 25g Free 4008400280127 All MHD
Bones Chocolate for Kids 300 gm + 50 gm free 4008400621920 All MHD
Bones Chocolate for Kids 350 gm 8000500269633 All MHD
Kids Chocolate Candy 500gm 5413548015552 All MHD
Bones Kids White Chocolate 200gm 8000500289877 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Egg 100gm 4008400231327 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Egg 100gm 4008400230825 All MHD
Kinder Mini Eggs With Hazelnut 100gm 8000500196809 All MHD
Kinder Mini Cocoa Egg 100gm 8000500361207 All MHD
Kinder mini kinder chocolate eggs 100 gm 8000500234303 All MHD
Kinder Mix Colored Mix 132 gm 4008400313221 All MHD
Mixed basket for children 86g 8000500350911 All MHD
Mixed bag for children 193 grams 8000500371466 All MHD
Kinder Happy Moments 162g 8000500284391 All MHD
Kinder Happy Moments Mini Mix – Greetings Edition 162g 8000500284391 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Smurf Egg 100gm 8000500269008 All MHD
Kinder mini mixed eggs 250 gm 8000500295168 All MHD
Maxi Mix Plush For Kids 133gm 4008400271323 All MHD
Kinder Surprise 4er Pack (4x20g) 4008400240527 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Christmas Egg 100g 4008400230726 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Christmas Egg 100gm 4008400231723 All MHD
Mix Kids Shoes 219 gm 8000500371435 All MHD
Mixed Baby Gift Bag 193gm 8000500370551 All MHD
Maxi Mix Plush For Kids 133gm 4008400270326 All MHD
Baby Advent Calendar Mix 127g 8000500242131 All MHD
K Mix Easter Gift Bag, 194gm 8000500390160 All MHD
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All “baby” products manufactured at the Arlon, Belgium factory are affected by the recall of Ferrero. Rewe supermarket has now launched a major recall and warns against consuming more than 20 items containing children’s chocolate.

Where can I find the EAN VB number?

EAN stands for “European Product Number” and is used to label products in retail. An EAN VB number is also the safest way to find out if the products you purchased have been affected by a withdrawal. The number is located below the bar code (or barcodes) and in most cases consists of 13 digits (8 digits for very small products). If the package contains the same EAN number specified when the product was recalled, the product should not be eaten under any circumstances and may be returned.

Rewe: Can you return Ferrero baby products?

Rewe has stopped selling all products on the list and is asking all stores to remove Ferrero-related items from shelves. “Consumers who have purchased an affected product are advised not to consume it,” Ferrero said in a recall published by Rewe. Customers can also return the goods without a receipt. According to Ferrero Germany, only products manufactured in Arlon, Belgium have been affected by the salmonella outbreak.

Ferrero recall: Salmonella outbreak in December 2021 – prosecutor identified

It is now known that the salmonella invasion occurred on December 15, 2021 at the Ferrero factory in Arlon, Belgium. According to its own statements, Ferrero responded by withholding related products. In addition, the confectionery manufacturer is said to have replaced the filters in two raw material tanks where infestation was detected and increased product control. However, Ferrero is now under fire because the salmonella outbreak is currently taking on ever greater proportions.

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The damaged Ferrero factory in Belgium has already been closed, but that’s not the end of the story. Because the Belgian public prosecutor is now investigating the confectionery giant. The Supervisory Authority of Afsca had already provisionally withdrawn Ferrero’s production license for the Arlon plant on Friday (April 8) until all food safety rules and requirements were met.

Kinder chocolate packets on a supermarket shelf.
The Ferrero recall in Rewe affects more than 20 products. (Iconic image) © Geisser / Imago

Recall due to salmonella risk: Ferrero expects losses at Easter

After the salmonella outbreak, the confectionery group now assumes that spring will be worse than usual in financial terms. “Of course, we expect losses in our Easter business,” Ferrero Germany said Monday evening (April 11). dpa-request with. However, the full treatment of the facts is the highest priority for us at the moment.” (OS with dpa) More news on the 24RHEIN homepage. Tip: Get informed daily about what’s happening at NRW – simply sign up for our free 24-hour newsletter.


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