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Federal Election 2021: Jane Whistler misses direct mandate – bitter exit for left

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After the federal election in 2021, the Left is projected to be in the right 5 percent range: entering the Bundestack is in danger.

+++ Day 11.45: Suddenly the left side is no longer in the bundle stack. According to the latest plan of the Infratest Dimap (ARD), the Left Party received only 4.9 percent of the vote. The SPD and the rest of the parties around the union are sticking to their values ​​compared to the predictions for the Bundestag election earlier in the evening. Although Janine Whistler missed her direct mandate, the other three direct mandates (two in Berlin and one in Leipzig) will ensure that the Left Party goes to the 20th Bundestack.

+++ Day 11.10: This is not enough for the federal leader of the left. According to current estimates, Janine Whistler missed out on entering Parliament directly. Whistler started in the Frankfurt am Main I * constituency. After counting 266 out of 271 polling stations, the 40-year-old politician is clearly behind Armand Sorn from the SPD with 8.8 percent.

In 2017 Matthias Zimmer (CDU) prevailed in the constituency. Janine Whistler was the best candidate of the Left in Hesse in 2021. He has been chairman of the parliamentary committee in the Hesian state parliament since 2009.

The Left should be appalled at the entry into parliament in the Puntstock election

First Report Sunday, September 26, 2021 9.45pm: BERLIN – After the federal election in 2021 the * left * will have to fear so far in the Bundestack for four direct seats in Berlin *. After nearly a third of the registered votes were counted, left-wing candidates were present in only two constituencies at 9 p.m. In Treptov-Kopenik, Grigor Kaisi was second with an interim result of 33% in the first ballot, * 15% ahead of SPD *. In Lichtenberg, Gesine Lötzsch led the SPD with 24 percent and 19 percent.

John Whistler, Die Linge’s top candidate, fears his party will enter parliament after the 2021 federal election.

Olf Wolfgang Kumm / dpa

At Marzan-Hellerstarp, however, former Berlin Senator for Social Affairs Mario Soza from the CDU * was 29 percent ahead of Bundestag vice president Petra Pav (left) with 20 percent. In Banco, SPD candidate Klaus Mindrub led with 22 percent, while left-wing politician Udo Wolf led with 15 percent. There, however, only 20 percent of the ballots were counted.

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Bundestack Election 2021: Leftists Concerned About Direct Orders – and Move to the Bundestack as a Parliamentary Group

The Left won the 2017 federal election as the fifth direct constituency of Leipzig II. There is no interim decision yet on election evening.

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Federal Election 2021: All Current Results

The three directly elected MPs ensure a party entry into the Bundestack, even though it has reached less than 5 per cent across Germany. In the first predictions for the 2021 federal election on Sunday evening, the Left was right in this range. The top duo of the party include John Whistler and Dietmer Partsh *. (lrg / dpa) * Is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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