FC Schalke 04: Transfers irritate fans - 'Stupid!'

FC Schalke 04: This transfer irritates fans – ‘stupid and little’

Daniel Sobolevsky, editor.

06/20/2022 at 11:46 am

The five most expensive transfers for Schalke in the club’s history

The five most expensive transfers for Schalke in the club’s history

When the Bundesliga was successful, Schalke 04 invested 4 million new players. However, among the most expensive transfers, I have already caught a few. We show you the five most expensive transfers in the club’s history.

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This transfer is a big surprise: monastery Schalke 04 Get Sebastian Poulter from Bochum!

A seasoned striker in the German league for little money. Among the lovers Schalke 04 The transaction is welcome. The situation is completely different for fans of VfL. The change to the challenger provokes outrage there – also because of Kaza’s statement which now seems very unfortunate.

FC Schalke 04: Bochum fans cook because of the Poulter change

“VfL Bochum and I are like a bowl and a lid.” Just six weeks ago Sebastian Poulter was still babbling about his employer. Now it switches to S04.

The striker is said to have changed his squad for 1.5 to 2 million euros. Actually a good deal for VfL. After all, Poulter is already 31 years old.

Sebastian Poulter: First Expression of Love, Then Change to Rival

On a realistic level, many fans welcome the deal. However, suddenly there is a lot of pressure on the boiler.

At the beginning of May, Poulter delighted fans with his “fate and hood” statement, stating that he could imagine a future in Castroper Straße. Shortly thereafter, it became stinging for the first time: at this point, Sebastian Poulter may have already entered into negotiations with Eintracht Frankfurt.

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Here the fans already felt betrayed. The fact that Frankfurt is now a rival to Schalke 04 makes it even worse for many Bochum residents. They insult Poulter as a “traitor”.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • “What bothers me the most are these stupid and deceitful phrases.”
  • “Heap of fate and cover has found her new club. People in Bochum are glad they are still getting paid for this player and ‘character’. Ciao Polter, you are an emergency nail S04!”
  • “After staying up late, constantly making bold statements about how good they are in VfL and now moving on to Schalke… I find that really vulnerable.”
  • “I would like to play in the Bundesliga, preferably with VFL Bochum. So I can very well imagine staying here. He’s barely two months old.”
  • “Legion, he will go anywhere to get more money. I don’t shed tears for men like this.”
  • “This is high treason!”


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