From July 1, a new era will begin in FC Bayer. Not just for management staff – there is also a revolution in terms of tickets.

MUNICH – May is said to be really popular for making everything new. However, in FC Bayer, July is changing a lot now. One can talk about a small revolution. Not directly for employees, but more in terms of tickets. But one thing after another.

New employer: Carl-Haynes Romanike was chairman of the team at FC Bayer for 30 years. In fact, his departure may not happen until the end of this year, but Oliver Kahn is now in charge of the FCB boss. “This is a strategically sensible and logical point. We’m writing at the end of the financial year, while a new division begins with new coaches. : “We said two years ago plan a sensible change, it will be finalized now. How it should be.”

New coach: Julian Knucklesman began his work last Monday, and Sebner was under stress for filming the photo and filming the club’s TV. Starting July 1, the 33-year-old will officially start at FC Bayer.

FC Bayern: Tickets, coaches, goalkeepers! The Revolution begins at the Achievement Champions

New Keeper: Alexander Nobel is awarded the prize for two years. The former U21 national goalkeeper now plays for AS Monaco at Forstensat. For this, Sven Ulrich returns to Bayern. There he was active from 2015 to 2020 as a trusted representative of Manuel Neur.

New Youth: Christopher is said to be part of the professional team under Scott Nakelsman. The 19-year-old attacking midfielder came to the record champions from Bayer Leverkusen’s U19s last summer and was able to get his first experience with the second team.

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New task: Will FCB win the tenth consecutive championship? That would be an achievement in Europe! Juventus screwed up last season, so FC Bayern have a unique opportunity. In addition, Thomas Mல்லller may be the first player to lift eleven Championship trophies into the sky. So far, David Alaba has been tied with him, but now he is kicking for Real Madrid.

FC Bayern: Knoglesman starts too late, Upamegano late

Newcomers: Due to a special rule Diod Upamegano will not be launching in the FCP until July 15, so he is still in the RPG. He is finishing parts of the product at Leipzig.

New star: It should delight FCB fans! From now on, record champions will wear their fifth star on their jersey.

New cards: No more paper, no more plastic, FC Bayern is now greener when it comes to tickets. Paper admission tickets and plastic season tickets have their day, and digital tickets will be available at the Alliance arena in the future. However, the “print ome home” will still be there. (SMK)

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