Monaco goalkeeper Alexander Nobel started the defeat with his mistake.

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Alexander Nobel has been credited with AS Monaco by FC Bayern this season. The goalkeeper mistakenly starts a new start in the new club.

Monaco – FC Bayern, awarded Alexander Nobel * before the season to give him more competitive training. Former U21 national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer only played four games in the first season. With AS Monaco *, Munich found a perfect buyer.

Under former Bayern coach Nico Kovac, Monegas are one of France’s leading teams and could finish third in the table through the playoffs for the Champions League. The Nobel Prize was signed in the first place, and the former regular goalkeeper Benjamin Lecomte was soon awarded to Atletico Madrid – paving the way for the Nobel.

The Bayern project seemed to be fully operational, with Nebel being able to emerge as the new heir away from home without stress. But after a few weeks, the reality on the pitch looks very different. Monaco has made a real false start. Kovac-Elf is still undefeated after three games in League 1 * and his participation in the first class is in grave danger – with Naples in the middle of it, he is not fully involved in the misery.

Bayern loan Nübel fails again – Monaco faces next bankruptcy

Monacos, who played for the championship in France until just before the end of the season, threatens to gamble on all goals of the season at the start of the season. On Saturday, the club conceded their third consecutive game defeat since becoming president without conceding their own goal. 2-0 defeat in the league Second defeat in the league – Monaco final, with one point in three games.

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N figurebel did not cut a good number in the weekend defeat. First, the 24-year-old from East Westphalia was lucky to only miss the ball after his mistake. When Ignatius Canaco conceded the first goal after the break, he was not primarily responsible, but unfortunately the skin slipped and fell on his hands. Behind the startled goalkeeper, the ball rolled over the line. It was not his first mistake in Monaco attire. *

The former Schalke did not blame for the second goal in stoppage time. European Championship participant Kevin Woland arrived in the 63rd minute. Former Colonel Ismail Jacobs, who last scored a decisive penalty at Lorient 0: 1, has been sitting on the bench all season.

FC Bayern: Goalkeeper Credit Nübel fears with Monaco about the Champions League

Monaco now urgently need a performance increase – and quickly. Because the decisive game in the Champions League playoffs on Wednesday awaits with a trip to Shakhtar Donetsk for Ukraine. The first leg lost 1-0 at home a week ago. N stomachbel is not with stomach problems and was mentioned by competitor Radoslaw Majecki. In the second leg, Nobel is likely to be on target again, and can forget his mistakes by entering strong performance and first class.

FC Bayern brought in Sven Ulrich, who returned as Nübel’s successor in the summer, but was probably interested in a former lion. * (ck) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA


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