ERC Ingolstadt: ERC Ingolstadt has signed Chris Burke

Thanks to the commitment of the 35-year-old striker from RedBull Munich, the Panthers made a true coup. Will Marco Friedrich also come from Iserlohn Roosters?

The ERC Ingolstadt He strengthens his attack with another great bomber. From EHC Red Bull Munich Chris Bourque moves to Panthers. The American was the fourth best goalscorer last season From.

“Chris has been one of the best players in the league for the past two years and was among the top ten scorers. During his time at AHL and now in Germany, he was an exceptional player who played at a very high level.” The sporting director said happily Larry Mitchell About the new addition.

Burke spent most of his career in AHL, having been one of the league’s best players for years. In a Hershey Bears shirt, he won the AHL Championship, Calder’s Cup three times. On his way to the title, he was elected to the Playoff Player of the Year 2010. In addition, he was top scorer in the AHL League and was named the best player in the league in the 2015/2016 season. In total, he has 864 goalscoring points in 932 AHL matches. at NHL The left shooter, who was drafted in the second round at 33rd by the Washington Capitals, has completed 51 matches. Eight goalscorers in the best league in the world for its vitality.

In his two years at DEL, Porky missed one match

The 35-year-old has continued his notable North American achievements at DEL since 2019. In two years, he missed just one game and amassed 91 goalscoring points (25 goals, 66 assists) in a total of 91 Bundesliga appearances. No Red Bulls player has scored more points than Bourque in the last two major rounds of DEL. Additionally, it claimed the best discounted value in the league in the 2019/20 season.

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“What makes Chris especially valuable is that he can play the role of a scorer and playmaker in attack Munich He shone with Trevor Parks, with us, for example, he can bring his tremendous qualities alongside Wayne Simpson, “says Mitchell.

“Feeling good” after talking to Mitchell and Scheiden

“Talking to Larry Mitchell and Doug Shedden about where they want to take the team to and what they expect made me feel very good. Last season, I also lived live. What a strong team. Ingolstadt he is. I also met some familiar faces who told me that ERC is a top-tier club with great fans. Overall, it was the logical step and the perfect decision, “says Burke, who previously played with Tiger professionals Wayne Simpson and Matt Bodhi in AHL.

Bourque has also gained international experience. For the United States, he twice participated in the FIFA U-20 World Cup and was the tournament’s top scorer in 2006. In 2018, he played all five matches in the United States’ selection in the Olympic Games.

Marco Friedrich has already confirmed his departure from Iserlon

According to information from our newspaper, the Panthers are also said to have a strong interest in engaging another German attacker. It appears that 29-year-old Marco Friedrich has moved into the ERCI focus. After the end of the 2020/2021 season, Citizen Rother announced that he would not extend his expiring contract with Iserlohn Roosters, who has been looking for goals since 2014. Last season, the striker received three hits and eight assists in 31 major round matches. He also contributed two goals and one assists in three qualifying matches against Berlin. (No)

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