Emily Ratajkowski: Serious allegations against Robin Thicke!  He should have touched her

Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer
Robin Thicke is said to have sexually harassed her during the filming of the video

Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer

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Emily Ratajkowski Break Up! In her soon-to-be-released book, “My Body,” an American starlet did not do well. Robin Thicke is said to have approached her in a very bad way.

The sexual assault of Emily Ratajkowski, 30, while filming the video for Robin Thickes, 44, took place on the “Blurred Lines” chart, such as the “Sunday Times of London” and “New York Post” ahead of their November book “My Body.” “Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the coldness of the hands of a stranger, clutching my breast from behind. I instinctively ran off and saw Robert Thicke,” the model recalls, who was supposed to act “topless” during filming.

Emily Ratajkowski: “Heat of humiliation” erupted in her body

Only the video director should have intervened. Diane Martel yelled at the singer to stop. Thicke’s reaction speaks volumes: “He had a stupid smile on his face and stumbled backwards, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses,” Ratajkowski says.

Model Emily Ratajkowski accuses singer Robin Thicke of filming his own video "blurred lines" After your sexual harassment.

Model Emily Ratajkowski accuses singer Robin Thicke of sexually harassing her while filming her hit video, Blurry Lines.

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The model felt humiliated and guilty about her reaction to the incident at the time. I freaked out, but: “I pushed my chin out and shook my shoulder, avoiding eye contact and feeling the heat of humiliation in my body,” the 30-year-old explains. “I didn’t react—not really, not the way I should have.”

Thicke showed he “repentant”

Diane Martel appears to be still thinking about the moment, as The Sunday Times confirmed. I remember the moment he grabbed her breasts. One in each hand. He was standing behind her. I cried in a very aggressive Brooklyn voice, ‘What the hell are you doing, that’s it!’ Filming is over! “

Thicke, who was allegedly drunk at the time, apologized “ashamed” and claimed he was “repentant”. “I don’t think he was going to wake up,” she says today. For Emily, that shouldn’t be a valid excuse. This amazing incident does not seem to have left her to this day.

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