EM 2021: France – Germany: Manuel Neuer celebrated – this detail immediately caught the eye of fans

Germany wins the crazy European Championship in 1996

Germany wins the crazy European Championship in 1996

In 1996, the German national team won their 3rd European Championship title. We show you the crazy way to the success of the former DFP-Elf.

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In the beginning of the German national team In 2021 Not very successful. In France – Germany The jockey eventually lost the boys with 0: 1 and are already under pressure before the second team game.

However, there were also unnecessarily bright spots with sporting events Between France and Germany Had to do. Captain Manuel Neuer took care In 2021 With a description to the delight of the fans.

EM 2021: France – Germany: New with special captain’s armor

In his 101st national game, FC Bayern Munich goalkeeper DFP-Elf took over as captain as usual. But the prosperous audience immediately noticed something in his hand. Neuron’s captain’s armor was not in German colors against France.

Instead of black, red and gold, the fabric piece was designed in rainbow colors. The clear position of the captain and the national team for greater diversity and endurance. The rainbow flag is known as the symbol of the LGBTQ community.

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Every year in the month of June, “Pride Month” is celebrated in this community to focus more and create awareness about equality. As a sign of this, Neuer was already wearing special armor during the friendship against Latvia.

EM 2021: France – Germany: Fans celebrate something new for the rainbow armor

In Bayern Munich, for example, Neuer already wore a similar captain’s armor at the Bundesliga. PVP captain Marco Reus similarly set a precedent in past style.


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The fact that Neuer is now doing this on the big EM platform has earned him praise and recognition from the audience. You can read how the action was obtained here:



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