MyWhen the first half was half over, Freddie Bopick was already wondering: Please, should this continue here and now – will it only end at the end? From the start, both sides can not be surprised on many occasions in the Bundesliga with a passion, speed and a determination in the duels.

Mark Heinrich

“For the first time I thought someone would fall soon in the 25th minute,” said Bobic, sports director for Eintrach, who said everyone involved in the high-speed event was delighted to have brought themselves safely back in the afternoon. The meeting between Frankfurt and VFL Wolfsburg, in which the Hessians won 4: 3, thanks to the high performance in the penalty area shots, the exchange of blows at the highest level.

On Saturday, April of this winter, Bobby used a career phrase that is seldom appropriate this season: the former international striker called the event an “advertisement for football” and said his own team was “absolutely delighted” to face a special pass. Instead, there were the next three points, of which the Frankfurtists had already collected 53 – thus only one less than the “wolves”. The addition of PVP 3-2 in Stuttgart in the evening did not affect Bobby. “We only see ourselves. If we get three pointers in a row, the competition can do what they want. “

“Pure view”

It cannot be contradicted. The 49-year-old’s next dissertation is that despite all the pink chances in Maine, Berlin should take on the relatively dark daily business quickly at Hertha, which must first bear the verification of the facts as they are being developed at the league’s final pace: at sixty points, Bobik said, “qualifying for the Champions League” is a must. According to this calculation, two wins and a draw are yet to be seen – in the six games pending for Indrach, including games against Minds, Schalke, Oxburg and Freiburg. Not an impossibility as Bobic emphasized: “We have made our way to a run and I hope it will be crowned successfully.”

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