Home Top News 9 jobs that will pay you up to €730,000 per year if you can handle an AI bot ChatGPT

9 jobs that will pay you up to €730,000 per year if you can handle an AI bot ChatGPT

9 jobs that will pay you up to €730,000 per year if you can handle an AI bot ChatGPT

Some workers want their employees to be able to use AI. Some of these jobs are paid. A company paid around 730,000 euros in annual salaryAnd If you can handle ChatGPT.

AI like ChatGPT is currently used by many people. Because some employees fear that AI will become so good that they will lose their jobs to robots in the long run. In May 2023, thousands of people will lose their jobs due to artificial intelligence.

This is what colleagues said in the report Business interestedSome positions now require experience with ChatGPT. These jobs are sometimes paid.

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What functions require ChatGPT? Business names a total of 9 different jobs where you need to be able to use ChatGPT:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Artificial intelligence engineers
  • Machine learning engineers
  • programs developer
  • Artificial intelligence model trainer
  • Copywriter
  • teachers
  • Production Manager
  • the recruit

What is the highest paid position? According to Business Insider, Crossover offered the highest paying job. This is a remote job search engine. The positions of Senior Director of Product Management and Chief Product Officer paid an annual salary of $800,000. This equates to about 730,000 euros.

Job Requirements: Applicants can use ChatGPT in their work.

Many of these jobs mainly revolve around using bots like ChatGPT to increase efficiency. This is one of the reasons why the president of a billion dollar company wants his employees to use ChatGPT. By speeding up or streamlining processes or letting AI take over repetitive tasks, employees can save time.

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According to Business Insider, who is the lowest earner? The job of a history teacher at a non-profit organization is the lowest paying among the jobs that require their knowledge of artificial intelligence. Here you pay $5,200 to $10,200 for a part-time job. Another company, Coursemojo, pays part-time ASL and health sciences teachers about $11,000 a year if they can use ChatGPT.

The key point here is that teachers can teach students how to use ChatGPT for learning purposes, explains Danielle Cox, Managing Director of Oliver Scholars: “We also need teachers who are knowledgeable enough to help students, avoid plagiarism and recognize what information is reliable and which isn’t.” .

But not all teachers earn that bad. Coursemojo also hires psychology and computer science teachers, with annual salaries ranging from $50,000 to $70,000.

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