Consultations on the situation in Russia continue in Berlin

Status: 06/25/2023 11:05 AM

Even after the end of the uprising of Wagner’s mercenary group, intensive consultations on the situation in Russia continued in Berlin. Secretary of State Barbock postponed a trip abroad. Official data on developments is scarce.

George Schwart

There is silence in Berlin this morning on the latest developments in Russia. Foreign Minister Analina Berbock, who already wanted to leave on a multi-day trip to South Africa at noon, postponed the departure by a day to discuss the situation in Russia with colleagues at the Foreign Ministry from the European Union in Luxembourg tomorrow.

Chancellor Schultz, who has been briefed on developments throughout yesterday, spent 45 minutes on the phone with the French and US presidents and the British prime minister in the afternoon to discuss a joint assessment of the situation and possible Western action.

Putin’s power ‘significantly weakened’

The crisis team of the German Foreign Ministry, in which employees from the Ministry of Defense and the Chancellery are also represented, met all day Saturday. In the evening, the German Foreign Ministry informed the representatives of the Foreign and Defense Committees in the Bundestag about the results available so far. The two committees may hold a special meeting tomorrow in Berlin.

Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael Roth said ARD, the power of the Russian president was greatly weakened by the uprising of the Wagner group. Roth, like Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, admitted that all observers were surprised by the events in Russia.

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