Russia’s Rebellion: Now Putin’s Dogs Are Entering!  Kadyrov arrived in Rostov-on-Don politics

Now Putin’s dogs rush to help the Russian army!

The first units of the “Kadirovtsy” militia, led by the ruler of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov (46 years old), arrived in Rostov-on-Don.

► Video clip showing Chechens occupying a street.

So far there have been no skirmishes with Wagner’s troops – will that happen? It is still not clear. So far only a few shots have been fired.

then: While Wagner’s mercenaries were equipped with many modern main battle tanks and anti-aircraft guns, the Chechens only advanced into Rostov with a few armored personnel carriers and personnel carriers.

Map: Mercenary-controlled areas in western Russia

Officially, the “Kadyrovtsy” are part of the Russian National Guard, which reports directly to the Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (70). But: when in doubt, the loyalty of the troops is likely to depend on the balance of power in Chechnya.

Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigoshine (62) and Chechnya Kadyrov have long been allies in the dispute with the Russian Defense Ministry.

But now the tide has turned: Because the uprising of Wagner fighters also questions Putin’s authority, Kadyrov has openly set himself up against Wagner’s boss.

Centers of Power in Russia - Graph

Source: Twitter, – / dpa, SPUTNIK / via REUTERS

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