Economy Minister Hebek is renewing responsibilities for PCK refining

Öl-ebargo arises

Economy Minister Hebek is renewing responsibilities for PCK refining

Robert Hebeck (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), Union Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, speaks at a Citizens Coalition protest "Future Schwedt".  (Source: dpa / Patrick Pleul)

dpa / Patrick Pleul

Video: rbb24 Brandenburg News | 06/29/2022 | Charlotte Jerling | Andreas Opperman | Built in: dpa / Patrick Pleul

Thousands of people demonstrated in Schwedt to defend PCK. Federal Economic Affairs Minister Hebek backed sanctions against Russia – and reiterated his commitment to financial assistance for the refinery.

Federal Economy Minister Robert Hebek (Greens) has reaffirmed his commitment to making financial progress in the event of a Russian oil shutdown at the PCK refinery in Brandenburg. “This promise has been made,” Hebeck said at a rally in front of about 3,000 civilians and PCK staff in the center of Schwartz on Wednesday evening.

It applies if refineries without oil supply cannot make money during ongoing operations. Nevertheless, Hebek defended Western sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. This includes the exit of Russian oil on which the site is currently dependent.

“These restrictions have a specific effect domestically, in fact,” Hebek said. “But it’s not just for Schwedt and PCK.” The place must be prepared to find alternatives considering the global and climate-political situation. “Everything indicates that we are ready to create an alternative. That is our strategy. That is what I feel is being asked of me and us.”

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Eastern Commissioner: The region is moving closer

Carsten Schneider, the federal government’s commissioner for Eastern Europe, insisted that the Schwedt region maintain a perspective even after the end of Russian oil operations. “We need to invest a lot of money in the Schwedt area,” the SPD politician told rbb on Wednesday.

Schneider told Radioins that residents and staff of the refinery were happy to demonstrate for their safety. “I’m so glad this demonstration is happening today because the area shows that it stands together.” He added: “Since Rosneft is a participant, there is no perspective that everything will be the same.”

No Russian oil by January

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, June 29, 2022, 9:00 pm


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