E129 food coloring can cause IBD – Healing Practice

E129 food coloring can cause IBD – Healing Practice

Intestinal flora endangered by common food coloring

Allurarot amon products often food coloring E129 Named after, it is a common coloring agent in many foods and desserts. A Canadian research team has now been able to prove that regular consumption of this dye Dharmflora get hurt. It is even considered a possible trigger for Inflammatory bowel disease.

researchers McMaster University In Hamilton, Canada, the azo dye Allura red AC was considered a possible cause of chronic intestinal disease based on the results of their recent research. Crohn’s disease And the Ulcerative colitis. The results of the study were recently published in the famous journal “Nature Communicationsreleased.

What is E129 food color?

Allura Red Conditioner has been used in North America as FD&C Red 40 okay red food 17 a certain. In the European Union, it is called food colouring E129. It’s one Azo red dyewhich – as the name suggests – is used to color food red.

Food coloring E129 is a water soluble powder. Consuming in small quantities so far is considered harmless, which is why it is approved as a food coloring in many countries, including Germany. It is obtained from petroleum. The dye does not exist in nature, it is only produced synthetically.

Where is Allura Red conditioner found?

E129 is used particularly frequently for coloring

  • candies ,
  • Soft drinks,
  • Dairy products,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • cereal products,
  • Minced meat products.

Indicators of adverse effects

There have already been indications for one in various studies harmful effect. Thus, the consumption of larger amounts of dye with the emergence of crepesAnd the Allergic reactions And the Hyperactivity associated with children. To date, however, E129 has not been clearly identified as the trigger.

Red lora as a potential trigger of enteritis

As part of the current study, the McMaster University Working Group demonstrated for the first time that Allura Red AC has Harmful effect on intestinal microbiota has a potential catalyst for Chronic inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

In animal studies, the team was able to show that continued exposure to red air conditioner impairs gut health and promotes inflammation. It seems that the dye directly interferes with intestinal barrier function and more Serotonin productionA neurotransmitter found in the gut that alters the composition of the gut microbiome.

Alora red harms gut health

“This study demonstrates the significant adverse effects of red bay leaf on gut health and identifies intestinal serotonin as a critical factor mediating these effects.”confirms the head of the study Professor Waleol Khan. According to him, these findings will have far-reaching implications for the prevention and treatment of IBD.

Astounding and disturbing

“What we found is startling and concerning because this common artificial food coloring is a possible diet-related cause of IBD.”compressed Professor Khan.

Many people take the tincture on a daily basis

The results of the research aim to raise public awareness of the potential harm caused by food coloring that many people use log daily. Khan adds that consumption of E129 food coloring has been associated with allergies, immune disorders, and behavioral problems in children in other studies.

What are possible triggers for IBD?

The exact causes of chronic inflammatory bowel disease are not yet known in detail. One Western dietwhich are high in processed fats, red and processed meats, and sugar, and low in fiber risk factor for creation.

Khan warns that such diets are usually rich highly processed foods It is she who contains many different additives and food colors.

The current research findings show for the first time an association between commonly used food colors and chronic bowel disease. This association now needs further investigation at the epidemiological and clinical level. (FP)

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Graduate Editor (FH) Volker Plasek


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