New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern and David Seymour Auction “The Arrogant Rooster” |  Policy

A week ago, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 42, made a fool of herself when he insulted opposition politician David Seymour in parliament, calling him an “arrogant prick” …

He shouldn’t have noticed – Ardern couldn’t have forgotten her microphone was still on. The reprimand even entered the record. Sorry! Now the embarrassing blunder has resolved itself: The two political professionals have auctioned off a hard copy of the Protocol on the Internet.

The paper, framed and signed by Ardern and Seymour, fetched €60,000. Proceeds will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Seymour said the money would benefit “rails everywhere”.

The opposition politician peppered the prime minister with questions about her coronavirus policy for minutes on December 13 at parliament in Wellington. Ardern was so upset by this that she turned to an employee and scolded: “He’s such an arrogant dick”.

David Seymour and Jacinda Ardern signed a hard copy of a copy

David Seymour and Jacinda Ardern signed a print of “Dick” together

Photo: – / dpa

Seymour then called for an apology from Ardern in Parliament. With that said, the “bemel” error was included in the log. And the head of government apologized a little later, noting her already good upbringing: “As my mother says: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

The incident was very embarrassing for Ardern. But Seymour came up with the idea of ​​auctioning off “Dick’s Protocol” and thus bailed her out. “My thanks to David for taking things in a very sporting way,” the New Zealand Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.


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