Home Top News Dynamo Dresden defeated Aue 5-0 in this Test

Dynamo Dresden defeated Aue 5-0 in this Test

Dynamo Dresden defeated Aue 5-0 in this Test

Dresden. Dynamo Dresden won 5-0 in a friendly against FC Erskieberg Lifetime on Saturday. The blacks and yellows showed themselves in a very strong form during their costume rehearsals, surpassing their opponents. In Weilsen’s case, however, it became clear that coach Mark Hensel still needed to do more to prevent his team from being eliminated. In wet and cold weather, Brandon Borello highlighted the black and yellow 1-0 in the 24th minute. He scored again in the 67th minute, and newcomer Vaklav Trushal also entered the double-back with 3-0 (74th minute) and 4-0 (110th minute) goals. Haynes Morschel made it 5-0 on penalties in the 118th minute. Visitors were not allowed into the Walter Fritz Academy in Dresden Messering, during a costume rehearsal a week before the second half of the season against HSV next Friday. The game was played three times in 45 minutes.


A lively game with many duels, initially developed in the hard-fought Saxon Derby. In the 12th minute, when Ransford-Yepo set Konicstorfer Morris Schrotter on the field, the home team had the first good chance to score, but Aussie keeper Martin Menel blocked his decision. Borello’s 1-0 in the 24th minute was the result of a defensive error by Michael Agodo. -0. Ben Jolinsky recorded the best Auer chance in the first round when he hit the bottom edge of the bar with a flick – but from an offside position.

At the beginning of the second “half” the sun came out with a decrease of 2 degrees Celsius. In the 58th minute Dynamo Dresden turned for the first time, new signing Oliver Batista Meyer banged in and Morris Schrட்டர்ter left the pitch. 65 minutes later, Christoph Dufferner missed the best chance of the day to extend the lead with his head after an Akoto cross, with Martin Menell being able to adjust his ball. In the 67th minute, Akoto opened the scoring 2-0 for substitute Batista Meyer, whose shot first fell on the back of teammate Christophe Dufferner. The comeback then fell at the feet of Brandon Borello, who easily dusted and braced 2-0.

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The Violets had a tough time in the next course of the game and did not create any chances to finish, and the dynamo continued to dominate the game. Anton Mityushkin in Tresner Dore was mostly unemployed, but sometimes made a mistake. However, they could not even use it for themselves. In the 110th minute, Trர்ச்சszl got up again and came out, this time after a pass from Wehrச்சch. At his end the Dynamos qualified 4-0 over the left post. In the 11th minute of the match, when Dynamo’s third goalkeeper Eric Herman came on, Dresner Dore got Anton Mitryushkin’s end of the game.

In the 118th minute, FCE defender Franco Scottlich fouled dynamo striker Vaclav Trர்ச்சchel in the right corner of the box. Referee Dr. Max Bertha gave the Dynamo a penalty without a second’s hesitation as Haynes Morsell – who had been in the captain’s arsenal since replacing Yannick Stark – converted a safe 5-0. Ghuram Giorpolitze made it 6-0 in the finals, but his tight shot bounced off Martin Menell against the crossbar (132nd minute).

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Dynamo Series: Mitriushkin (110. Herman) – Agodo (71. Ohmichen, 99. Schmidt), Solbauer (71. Gissen), Ehlers (71. Idonis), c. Lowe (71. Giorbolitz) – Schrட்டர்ter (58. Batista Meyer), (71. Mörschel), Kade (71. Will) – Königsdörffer (71. Seo), Daferner (71. Drchal), Borrello (71. Weihrauch)


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