Lars Windhorst (Quelle: picture alliance/dpa/Frank Molter)

A Dutch court has declared Tennor Holding BV part of the business of investor Hertha Lars Windhorst insolvent. A spokesman for the Amsterdam Tax Court confirmed to dpa on Thursday that the ruling had already been handed down on November 2. An insolvency official has been appointed. Previously, “Bild” [] I mentioned about her.

Tenor is famous in this country because the company acquired 49.9 percent of GmbH KGaA from German club Hertha in 2019 for €224 million. In July 2020, Tenor put another 150 million euros into the Bundesliga club, increasing his stake in Hertha BSC GmbH Co. KGaA to 64.7 percent.

Tenor wants to take action against the Amsterdam court’s decision. “We have filed an appeal,” a spokesperson said. The company is not insolvent. Hertha BSC is in no way affected by the court’s decision. It is assumed that the court will allow the objection. “The Tenor Group and my group of companies have great financial capacity,” Lars Windhorst wrote on Twitter.

Broadcast: rbb24, November 4, 2021, at 10 p.m.

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