Cummings: Human Grenade Gears

Experts have identified Truss as the favorite, and opinion polls also indicate this. “Advantage Truss” was the headline in the conservative Telegraph newspaper on Thursday. But there is no enthusiasm. The Oxford graduate is too pale for many. In public appearances, a force of Johnson’s populist force, it exudes just as much charm as wood wallpaper, and critics mock.

The Guardian newspaper quoted a Conservative party member as saying that Sunak should force Truss to participate in as many television duels as possible. “The more people see her, the more they support Rishi.” Johnson’s once close advisor and today’s intimate enemy Dominic Cummings mocked Truss as a “human grenade”: “It caused havoc rather than getting things done,” Cummings says. Truss hacked everything to the press.

Political scientist Mark Garnett says in an interview with dpa that the foreign minister has to ask herself many questions. So, it’s unclear how it wants to fund its tough tax promises without burdening future generations. Truss was also with the Liberal Democrats before moving to the Conservative Party.

Conservatives blame Sunak for Johnson exit

Despite receiving the most votes in the faction in each election round, Sunak lags behind in the polls. “His biggest problem is that he is seen as the person who raised the taxes,” former Justice Minister David Gauke said on Sky News. In light of the billions that have been spent on fighting the epidemic, this was inevitable. But these are not arguments to convince members of the Conservative Party. Additionally, Johnson’s associates blame him for the prime minister’s departure. It is publicly said that Sunak is a “Snake” and that it was his resignation that led to Johnson’s downfall. This leaves an impression on many party members who prefer to retain the position of the incumbent.


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Sunak is based on the fact that he looks more energetic and attractive than his competitor. Only he can defeat Labour, which is clearly ahead in the polls, in the general election slated for 2024, says the 42-year-old. For a long time, the former hedge fund manager was considered a sunny boy. Through consistent measures such as short-time work benefits, he has been able to stabilize the economy to some extent during the pandemic. “I know how to get results in government, and I get them done,” Sunak declared in the Telegraph.

Party members would like to restart

But that is also the crux of the matter, why party members are unhappy with Sunak or Truss: both are closely associated with Johnson’s scandal-ridden government. “I am disappointed we haven’t put in a new candidate,” Liz Wardlow, a member of the Cheshire East Tower Council, told ITV, as did Richie Fernando, Conservative mayor of Ware in southwest England. Reboot is necessary.

This is another reason why experts give the duel winner little chance of staying in Downing Street in the long term. The i newspaper said the fierce rift within the Conservative Party could kill the party’s electoral chances. Political scientist Garnett is already committed: “One way or another, the victor in this fight will almost certainly be Labor in the end.”


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