You need to know this fact about metabolism- wmn

You need to know this fact about metabolism- wmn

how much sports Makes, has faster Metabolism. It seems reasonable, but unfortunately this is a misconception. Even if you burn more calories for a short time and thus increase your basal metabolic rate, exercise has no effect on your metabolism. This is the result of a study.

Accelerate the metabolism with sports: is it possible?

Faster metabolism thanks to exercise? The study refutes it

K Stady I found out in Nature Communications, that your metabolism can’t be affected by exercise. Each person has an individual metabolism. Whether you’re an athlete or not – he’s always running at the same speed.

The assumption that you can permanently increase your calorie intake through exercise is widespread. Unfortunately, this one misconception. Of course, you burn more calories during exercise Post-burn effect Until several hours after a sports unit. But in the long run, this does not change the basal metabolic rate, scientists have discovered.

The researchers determined the total energy expenditure of approximately 350 people. They had to drink a glass of water that had been previously enriched with hydrogen and oxygen isotopes. Isotopes can be traced in the body and are lost through respiration, sweating, and excretion. In this way, scientists were able to measure How fast is each person’s metabolism and how many calories are burned.

The result: the subjects’ metabolism varied by up to 20 percent—and that Regardless of whether they play sports or not.

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Is it easier to lose weight with a faster metabolism?

It is clear that there are significant differences in Metabolism speed. Doesn’t that mean that people with a fast metabolism lose weight more easily?

The researchers examined this in the second part of the study. To do this, they documented the weight of the subjects at different time intervals. But here, too, the result was realistic: A fast metabolism does not guarantee that you will lose weight more easily. Also, people with a slow metabolism do not gain weight more easily.

Conclusion: why you should keep exercising

Even if the study disappointed some amateur athletes: Please don’t stop exercising now! After all, it’s about more than just burning calories. In the end, above all, it should healthy and fun Stand in front. Even though your calorie turnover doesn’t increase – you keep fit, healthy, and in a good mood.

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