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Former national ice hockey player Christian Ehrhoff sees the NHL’s end of the Winter Olympics in Beijing (Feb 4-20) as an opportunity for Germany.

“From this point of view, it is an advantage for Germany in general,” the silver medalist from Pyeongchang said in an interview with Eurosport that other countries “have not been able to get the best four to five teams on the ice.”

NHL Pros Missing for Lyon Draisaitl – A Chance for Germany?

However, Ehrhoff said, “It’s bittersweet that there are no better German players.” In addition to superstar Leon Drysitl (Edmonton), the National Hockey League’s top scorer and scorer, goalkeeper Philipp Grobauer (Seattle) and young stars Tim Stutzel (Ottawa) and Moritz Ceder (Detroit) are also missing. This will be “severely missed”.

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Erhoff, who will serve as a Eurosport expert in Beijing, emphasized that the Ice Hockey Players Association’s decision was “of course a very bitter blow to the Olympic ice hockey tournament”: “Every ice hockey fan was looking forward to it and it’s really unfortunate that the best players in the world aren’t involved” .

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The former defender surprisingly won the silver medal with Germany at the Winter Games in South Korea three years ago. Erhoff, who wants to bring “emotions from the past” into his reports, said the memories are “still vivid”: “Because behind a new ice hockey fairy tale, there is a lot of hard work that deserves recognition.” (kk/sid)

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