Draw between Spain and Portugal

IIn the first great game of the new Nations League season, Portugal avoided an early defeat. Substitute Ricardo Horda (82nd minute) equalized 1-1 (0-1) in Spain on Thursday evening. Attacker Alvaro Morata (25th) gave the Spaniards the lead in Seville, which lasted until the attack by Horda.

Like the Sporting Prague striker, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo left the bench but was unable to exert much influence after being replaced (62nd). After a strong first half, the lively game was a bit flat. Morata won 1-0 early on after a superb midfield combination of Spanish players. Then the Portuguese were pushed to the balance. He won when Horda converted a low cross by Joa Concelo.

Norway, on the other hand, thanked Earling Holland for a good start to the new season of the UEFA tournament. Noch-Dortmunder (26th) ensured a 1-0 (1-0) victory over Serbia. After a good cross, the 21-year-old said he had to push the ball over the line. Sweden also got off to a successful start as RB Leipzig’s Emil Forsberg converted a penalty kick (39th) to make it 2-0 (1-0) in Slovenia; Dejan Kulusevsky (88th) confirmed the final score.

One of the most entertaining games of the evening took place in Prague, where the Czech Republic beat Switzerland 2-1 (1-1). John Kuzta (11th) and Frankfurt’s Digibril Cho (58th) scored their own goals to seal the Czech victory. Nova Okafor’s goal (44th) was not enough for Switzerland. There were plenty of chances after the break – referee Daniel Seibert was replaced. A fourth officer, Harm Osmers, was appointed to replace Germany due to injury.


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