Dortmund-Bremen: BVB introduces new shirts - then an insane show follows

Dortmund. It is received at the end of the twenty-ninth day of the match Borussia Dortmund Werder Bremen. After leaving the Champions League, he wants it BVB v. Bremen Back to the road to success in the league.

carry Borussia Dortmund Little chance to qualify for the first division via league, live or angry Werder Bremen Abigail?

Borussia Dortmund-Werder Bremen: Will Dortmund return to success?

We provide a live report from the Dortmund-Bremen match and provide you with all the important information before the match.

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Dortmund: Hitz-Mori, Akanji, Hummels, Guerrero-Bellingham, David, Brandt-Reina, Haaland, Rios

Bremen: Pavlenka-Velikovic, Moisander, Friedel-Gross, Geber-Selassie, Mohwald-Im Egstein, Bettencourt-Osako, Rachika


Borussia Dortmund – Werder Bremen 2: 1 (- 🙂

Tore: 0: 1 Rashica (14.), 1: 1 Reyna (29.), 2: 1 Haaland (34./FE), 3: 1 Haaland (38.)


42: Suddenly it’s a crazy show at Westfalenstadion. Now Bremen collapses. Haaland leaves a cross until Bellingham gets the ball. Pavlenka saves the shot from the young Englishman.

38. Too weak for Dortmund!

What’s going on? Rina enters the box from the outside. The ball bounces off Moisander’s shovel to Möhwald, who involuntarily serves Haaland. The Norwegian only has to pay.

34 .: Very very Dortmund!

The Norwegian ended his goal crisis and hit the ball in the net.

32: Punishment for BVB!

Reus is put in the box. There is a penalty kick. Erling Haaland will shoot.

29 .: Very very Dortmund!

There is compensation! Reina has a lot of space in the box and pulls away. The ball flies into an untenable corner.

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22: So Borussia Dortmund is once again suffering from known problems. Up front, Team Terzic has acted very uninspired so far. Bremen is too compact and doesn’t allow for much.

14 .: Twinning in Bremen!

Bremen shows what it should be like today. Another counterattack, Rashika steals and speeds up from Hummels. From an acute angle it ends at the long corner.

10: By the way, this is what the jerseys look like in action:

5: The first chance belongs to the guests. Werder grabbed the ball and played fast forward. Boros Bettencourt closes the former from a distance and takes a corner against Hitz.

1: It starts in Dortmund.

3:17 p.m.: And now it’s official. Dortmund shows the new shirt:

3:13 PM: There is actually a lot more at the BVB online store. Anyone who wants to shop there is stuck on a waiting list. There is also a note: “The special jersey will start selling shortly”.

2.49 p.m.: BVB posts more teasers about potential new jersey on Twitter. We are excited to see how Dortmund will play.

2.33 pm: Lineup there. BVB starts out on top with Brandt and Reyna. That wasn’t enough for Delaney, he is not on the team.

1:46 PM: Did BVB bring anything special in the match against Werder? Many fans expect Dortmund to wear a special shirt today. Some time ago, Footy Headlines reported a possible private shirt.

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This is supposed to be the style of the 1990s, when Borussia won two championships and the Champions League. What makes Dortmund fans now sit back and notice: The club has changed the color of its logo to neon yellow on social media. This change has also been made to the official homepage.

A reference to the shirt of the day wearing its colors at that time? The club has not officially commented on this yet, but many are convinced that Dortmund will play like this today:

12:38 PM: BVB coach Terzic warns: “Werder Bremen has bothered us a lot in the last few years, whether in the German Bundesliga or in the DFB Cup. We have to do our best to leave the field with three points.”

10.12 am: Good morning match day! Today Borussia Dortmund faces Werder Bremen. Could BVB use Eintracht Frankfurt’s mistake and move closer to the Champions League standings?

10:02 PM: The meeting will certainly be special for Terzic. In the first leg, the Eredivisie coach celebrated his debut as a head coach against Werder. Will there be a win in the second leg as well?

5:32 PM: First afternoon results are now official. Particularly positive from Dortmund’s point of view: Wolfsburg and Frankfurt are losing. Is there still a chance for the premium class?

Here is an overview of all results:

  • Union Berlin – Stuttgart 2-1
  • Gladbach – Frankfurt 4-0
  • Augsburg – Bielefeld 0-0
  • Freiburg-Schalke 04-0
  • Wolfsburg-Bayern 2: 3

3:06 PM: Bremen is not in good condition. In the league, these were the last four bankruptcies in a row. After all: in the cup, they reached the semi-finals.

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2.32 pm: Werder Bremen has proven himself a tough competitor to BVB time and time again in recent years. They were knocked out of the cup twice, but Dortmund won the league. In the first leg, Guerrero and Rios secured the victory.


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1:02 p.m.: The case of the staff in Borussia Dortmund is exciting. Eden Terzic revealed that Axel Vetsel, Yosef Mukoko and Dan Axel Zagado are on the right track, but they are not there. Jadon Sancho should also postpone his return. He should be back against Wolfsburg.

However, there is hope with Thomas Delaney. Bremer had suffered from Achilles tendon problems from the Stuttgart match. Terzic hopes that will be enough for the Dane by Sunday afternoon. The final decision is made during the final training.

12:16 PM: Elimination in the Champions League has been the dominant theme of course for Black and Yellow this week. Both duels against Manchester lost 2–1. In the second leg, a penalty kick against Emery Chan was the main reason for the debate. You can read everything here >>>

Saturday, April 17 at 12 noon: Hello and welcome to the live tape of Borussia Dortmund – Werder Bremen. Can BVB give the appropriate answer after losing to ManCity in the league? Here you can get all the important information.


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