Home Top News DONALD TRUMP: Will he be handed over to the knife after attorney Giuliani’s search? The previous approver is safe

DONALD TRUMP: Will he be handed over to the knife after attorney Giuliani’s search? The previous approver is safe

DONALD TRUMP: Will he be handed over to the knife after attorney Giuliani’s search?  The previous approver is safe

The headquarters of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was searched in the aftermath of the Ukraine case. Now the former US president is threatened with trouble, his ex-friend confirms.

Update from May 1st, 3:45 pm: Is Donald Trump having trouble with house searches and the office of his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani? Michael Cohen firmly believes that the Republican former legal representative expects Trump’s supposed friend to strike a deal to avoid getting behind bars. “There is no doubt that he is nervous. And there is a reason for that, because he knows the infinite power of the Southern District of New York and they will use that force,” Cohen said on Sunday. CNN– Interview with interrogation with Giuliani, former mayor of New York.

It is quite clear that the 76-year-old “has no interest in going to prison and spending his golden years behind bars.” And Giuliani will have no problems handing Trump the knife, Cohen is sure: “There was no connection between the two. Before Donald became president, he didn’t like Rudy Donald, and he certainly didn’t like Donald Ruddy either. I think Ruddy might drop Donald in a heartbeat?” Launch. “

In 2018, Cohen admitted to illegal campaign financing and tax fraud, as well as paying silence money to Donald Trump’s past affairs – he was sentenced to three years in prison. Giuliani wouldn’t want to go down this road, thus unveiling Trump, his son Donald Jr., his daughter Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner. Cohen claims that he warned Trump’s current attorney: “I told him. He’s going to be the next one to be pushed in front of the bus (by Trump).”

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Cohen doesn’t think much of Giuliani anyway: “We have no idea how far-reaching this investigation will be in the end, because Rudy is a fool. That’s the problem. Rudy drinks too much. Rudy acts erratically, who knows what they’ll find on his phones. And his computers? ”Trump prefers not to know.

They were always close: Former President Donald Trump (left) and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

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Trump flames over a search of the home of his lawyer, Giuliani – the former president talks about corruption

Update from April 30, 12.15 p.m.: Donald Trump reacted angrily to the investigation against his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, whose home and office were searched. At the TV station Fox The former US president defended the former New York mayor, calling him “a great patriot. He does these things – loves this country and looted his apartment.” This approach is “unfair,” the Republican accuses the authorities of using “double standards,” “as you have never seen them before.” .

“I don’t know what they’re looking for, what they’re doing. They say it’s about the papers and the lobby’s claims,“ Trump continues to rage ”: It’s a very unfair situation. You have to understand Rudy. Rudy loves this country so much. It’s terrible to see what happens. In our country – corruption, all the problems. Then they go after Rudy Giuliani. It’s just sad. “

Investigation against attorney Trump Giuliani: electronic material confiscation

First report from April 29:

New York City – so far Donald Trump may have protected him – now Rudy Giuliani must respond before the law. Police raided the home and office of the former New York City mayor. Electronic items were confiscated, she said The New York Times Citing unknown sources.

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This is what happens, according to newspaper and TV reports CNN And the NBC On the 75-year-old’s involvement in the Ukraine case. This was the first impeachment measure against the former president Donald Trump* (74). Giuliani is Trump’s attorney. The US media had reported repeatedly that Trump had blocked Giuliani’s trial in the past – but the Democrat has stopped it now Joe Biden* (78) In office. So the seizure is a turning point.

The investigations allegedly focus on the Ukraine case

The Trump camp has tried to link Biden’s son Hunter to alleged fraudulent deals in Ukraine. Giuliani allegedly unsuccessfully urged the Ukrainian authorities to investigate Biden, the elder and the younger. The The New York Times Reports indicate that the investigation is also focusing on whether Giuliani has exercised unfair influence over the Trump administration on behalf of businessmen from Ukraine.

Permission by a judge to search property with an attorney, especially from the former president, is rare – so it can be assumed that there are indeed clear indications against the former New York mayor. *Merkur.de It is a display of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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