Donald Trump: The border wall with Mexico appears to have been badly damaged by desert rain

According to Gizmodo, six flood gates alone were damaged in one part of the half-completed wall. As the Tucson Sentinel reported,Elsewhere, however, rain damaged the building.

Evolution comes as a surprise According to the Washington Post no. Accordingly, experts would have warned of the flood gate problem as early as 2020, when Trump was still in office. Like most parts of Arizona, the area is extremely dry. However, in the monsoon season, heavy rains with floods can sometimes occur.

Because of this danger, according to experts, the flood gates had to be opened in the rainy season to be on the safe side. This is done manually in the inaccessible area. Then they remained open and partially unguarded for a long time. Or the gates should have remained closed – despite the risk of storm damage.

Money is no longer flowing

Soon after taking office, Trump had a successor Joe Biden I promised a billion wall project to stop. Im Mai The Ministry of Defense implemented this requirement. who – which pentagonal The department’s deputy spokesman, Jamal Brown, said at the time that it was ending “all border wall construction projects that were paid for with funds originally intended for other military purposes.”

Trump originally wanted Mexico You undertake to bear the costs of constructing the wall. However, he failed to do so – despite all the campaign promises. After Congress rejected him with funds for the project, he declared a national emergency in 2019 and ordered billions of dollars from the Pentagon budget to be transferred to construction projects.

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