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with google platforms Android Auto And Android Auto Some smartphone apps can be used directly on the screen in the car and some data in the Google account can be accessed. This is very practical, but can become an issue with Android Automotive if the car is stolen. Now they are working on a new feature of the “Find My Device *” network to protect and access data.

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Google has been doing this for many years Find my device’s networkLost or misplaced smartphones can be tracked and controlled to a very limited extent. The network works, but hasn’t been further developed for years, and should only be possible with Apple’s entry into AirTags Now really go again. In the past few weeks, new features that point to a global smartphone network have already been discovered and now the next innovation is just around the corner.

The car becomes a data store
With Android Auto, apps and data from the connected smartphone can be used directly on the screen in the car. If the connection is disconnected, there is no longer any access, so in theory there is not much risk here. Things are different with Android Automotive, because with the new operating system, access to data and apps is controlled locally in the car, while a smartphone is only secondary needed.

The bottom line is that the access data for the Google account is saved directly in the car. Anyone who joins can access the data, installed apps, and the many cloud services. What is very practical, on the one hand, can become a huge problem if the car is lost. Aside from the agonizing loss of an expensive vehicle, then you have a safety issue.

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Lock or delete data
Google will address this problem with a new feature in the Find My Device network: in the process of disassembly, a new feature was discovered with which it is possible to organize access to the “Vehicles” data. With just a few steps, the user should be able to block access with a password. Only after entering the password can the data and settings be accessed again in the vehicle. If you’ve lost all hope, you can also delete all data and settings remotely. If the car is not connected to the Internet, these actions will be performed the next time it is connected.

Profile lock
To protect your personal data and settings on the vehicle, lock your profile.

After the profile is locked, the current password is required to open the profile on the vehicle.

If you delete your profile, all your data and custom profile settings will be erased from the vehicle.

If your car is offline, your profile will be erased when it goes online the next time.

Why can’t the car be tracked?
Since the car or its infotainment system is practically transformed into a mobile smartphone, the question arises as to why a very basic function cannot be found at the moment: car search. A smartphone can be tracked, but a car cannot. Maybe it will come before the rollout, but at the moment I can’t understand why this feature is missing. do you have an idea?

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