Wer ist Dominique Devenport? Alter, Wohnort, Filme, Instagram und Co. – die "Sisi"-Darstellerin im Porträt.

newcomer Dominic Davenport Take off on German TV: From December 12 2021 She takes the lead in the new role RTL-event- league “the side”. In the past few years I have mainly played in Swiss the movie how “Nebelgrind” with, but also in international films such as “Night train to Lisbon” She already had a supporting role.

But how does the actress actually tick off in particular? how old is she? And where you are Accommodation? We took a closer look at Dominique Devenport. All information about her role in Side “-Serie up to you Instagram It can be found here.

Dominic Davenport Profile: Age, Place of Residence, Instagram

All the facts about the actress at a glance:

  • Noun: Dominic Davenport
  • Profession: an actress
  • birthday: 1996
  • Modification: 25 years
  • Size: 1,72m
  • place of birth: Lucerne, Switzerland
  • residence: Rostock
  • Social status: unknown
  • Instagram: Dominique_devenport

Dominic Davenport Films: Nebelgrind

Dominic Davenport made her television debut in 2012. She starred in the Swiss TV movie “Nebelgrind” Role Farmer’s daughter Tony. The movie is about a farmer whose wife leaves him alone on the farm for two weeks because she needs a break. Then not only does he bear responsibility for the two children they share, but he also bears responsibility for his father’s forgetfulness in him Alzheimer’s disease Sick.

Dominic Davenport films: “The Night Train to Lisbon”

In 2013, Dominic Davenport starred in the film “Night train to Lisbon” next to the actor Jeremy Irons supporting role Natalie. The film is about a Swiss Latin teacher who accidentally meets a Portuguese woman who wants to get rid of a bridge. A few days later, he came across a book by a Portuguese author whose autobiography made a lasting impression on him. He decided to buy a ticket for the night train to Lisbon and follow in the author’s footsteps, turning his life upside down.

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The movie “Night Train to Lisbon” proved to be a success Position 46 menu for Most visited movies in Germany in 2013.

Dominique Devenport plays “Sisi” in the production of RTL

far mid December 2021 It’s Dominic Davenport in the lead role Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary In the new RTL series of events “the side” to see. take her side Yannick Schumann role Franz Joseph I. The series tells the story of a life Sisireen Sisi And he entered into a love affair with Emperor Franz Joseph I. In addition to political convictions and imperial responsibilities, the series also highlights the many blows of fate that Sisi has suffered. The aim of the series is to bring the story to life and tell it from a modern perspective.

The movie “Sisi” premiered on October 11, 2021 at the International Film Festival in Cannes. Even before the series premiere, RTL gave the extension with one the second season a favour.

TVNow Start, trailer, cast - all information about the remake

Dominic Davenport and Janick Schumann

Dominic Davenport And Yannick Schumann Play the main roles in the new RTL series of events “the side” Hence an imperial pair of lovers. “identical” With both of them from the start, Jank mentioned in an interview with RTL. Even during the casting process, the two got along well and were on the same wavelength. However, much to the dismay of the fans, the two actors only have one fake love affairBecause Yannick Schumann turned up gay a good year ago. Bring it to the series premiere in Cannes Partner Felix Kroc with.

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Does Dominic Davenport have a boyfriend?

Not much is known about the personal life of the young actress. So it’s not clear if Dominic Davenport is currently being taken over. from one Friend There is nothing at least to be seen on her Instagram profile.


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