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The government spokesman himself received a booster shot on Saturday.

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He received an injection under the eyes of the cameras at the vaccination center of the Vélizy 2 shopping complex, in the Paris region. The Government Spokesman, Gabriel Attal, received his reminder and sent, on Saturday 11 December, a reminder to him. “Absolute confidence in all vaccines offered” Against Covid-19, even by mixing those of Pfizer and Moderna.

Gabriel Attal decided to lead by example to encourage the population to vaccinate against the fifth wave of the epidemic, and he was pleased to see the campaign “gaining momentum” with one “register” 780,000 injections on Friday. “Every day we add hundreds of thousands of vaccination boxes to the platforms” appointments, he said.

He was eager to respond to some mixed reception of Moderna’s vaccine – authorized from age 30 due to a small increase in risk of developing myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) – and for his reluctance to mix between vaccines used in different doses. Gabriel Attal confirmed that he received a Pfizer vaccination before receiving a booster dose on Saturday with Moderna’s disease, and that he is 32 years old, which is almost the minimum age of the latter.

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