Do not push Ukraine to the negotiating table
According to Ukrainian sources, Russian forces are present Lyschansk indented. “In the Donetsk region, the occupiers are focused on consolidating their positions in the cities of Lysichansk and Vernyukamyanka,” the Ukrainian General Staff said on Sunday. As the Ukrainian military governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Heidi, confirmed on his Telegram channel, the Russians advanced “and gained a foothold in the Lysychansk region.” It remains unclear whether Ukrainian units are present in the city.
On Saturday, the pro-Russian separatists had already announced that they were going to take Lysichansk, and Kyiv responded that the strategically important city was still under its control. After the fall of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk was the last major place in the area controlled by Ukrainian forces Luhansk.

According to the report of the General Staff, there were also Russian attacks in the direction of Charkiw And the Slovenian. Russian attacks were repulsed in both directions.

Fighting continues in the direction of Bakhmut, an important transport center in the Donetsk region. The same applies to Spartak, a suburb of Donetsk, which Russian troops are trying to storm.

I Southern Ukraine The settlement of Ivanivka, which was captured by Ukrainian forces the day before in the Kherson region, was subjected to intense Russian air raids. In addition, missiles will be launched on the Mykolaiv region. The information cannot be independently verified.


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