Werder's Burke uses his theater and treats himself with a beer reward

In his first appearance with Bremen, Oliver Burke scored two goals for his new team. However, coach Ole Werner also saw weaknesses in him.

It couldn’t have been better for Oliver Burke. Newcomer Werder was only a few seconds on the field at the start of the second half on Sunday before scoring his first goal. A few minutes before the end Werder followed up and shot Werder in a 2-1 win over Karlsruhe. “It’s a perfect start for me,” the Scot said after the match. “I hope to continue like this.” Like everyone else, he had heavy legs from training during the match, but the two goals were “really important” to him.

Burke wants to prove himself after complex years of his career in Bremen. Test matches are his stage at the moment. On Sunday he was delighted to be able to give his teammates and coach Uli Werner a first impression of his skills. There were already words of praise from Marco Friedel. Describing his first impressions, the defender said: “Oliver is very stable and strong. He also has a good rhythm.” Burke was already convinced in training. Werner put the brakes on again, who confirmed that he also saw the newcomer slow down in terms of running during the match.

Good speed, tight shot

However, the 25-year-old made his first great business card. Friedel is sure Burke will be quickly integrated into the team. However, the newcomer on the pitch is hoping his teammates will quickly absorb the way he moves. He was able to show off his speed and his powerful shots on Sunday. There should also be a small bonus after that. “I’ll have a beer if they let me,” Burke said. It should also be possible in Werder in a sweat-filled training camp.

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