Xiaomi 12S Ultra: hope finally dies


For a long time, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been liked by all the guides in the world, tomorrow the next development in photography will finally be officially presented by the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. But for now, it seems that German customers will only get to the flagship by import. We now have the link to the global offer of the 12S series with German dubbing for you. Will he come to us after all?

Huawei passes the baton to Xiaomi

Nothing Phone (1) is probably the only one that has caused the most stir in the past few weeks and months of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. So this will now be called the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, but it will still set new milestones in mobile photography. The Large Circular Camera Array has been in the media for a long time. Mostly in relation to the different protective covers, which wanted to see the distribution of the camera lenses in different positions and numbers. Similar to our article today on the Huawei Mate 50 series. The parallels go further.

It is fortunate that it is Xiaomi that has taken the internationally leveled ground from Huawei, but also the former partner with German camera manufacturer Leica. The name alone is binding and it looks like Xiaomi can offer it too. Because like now partition it seems official poster This Xiaomi 12S Ultra smartphone has been revealed, and it will also be the first work of the youth collaboration. Not with the famous red Leica logo, but recognizable by secret letters. And this camera really has it all.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra is now shown on a poster

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

We initially suspected, but have since officially confirmed, that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will not only be the first smartphone with an octa-core Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, but also with a 1-inch Sony IMX989 image sensor. For us, the question remains whether our exclusive advice is really correct that the 12S series is exclusively for China. In this country, Xiaomi has been somewhat tight-lipped with smartphones like the Poco F4 GT (Redmi K50 Game Edition), according to Idealo. 500 EUR* Represented Up. The Poco F4 and Poco X4 GT have only been available since last week.

The launch of the Xiaomi product will also be broadcast in German

At least the link that the German news agency Xiaomi sent to the global broadcast launch event gives a little hope again. There will also be German dubbing, which will hopefully be a little better this time. In the past, this was rather cumbersome and then it was better understood in English. Tomorrow Monday the 4th of July at 1:00 PM German time (originally 2:00 PM.?!) the time will come and we will be smarter again. What is your guess? Will the Xiaomi 12S Ultra come to us or will we look to our long-term cooperation partner Trading Should you resort?


[Quelle: Pressemitteilung | Sina Weibo]

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