Discover the latest bets from tech giants – from robot dogs to wearable smartphones

The Mobile World Congress 2024, held in Barcelona, Spain, was a hub of innovation and cutting-edge technology in the mobile industry. From flexible displays to AI-powered devices, the event showcased a glimpse into the future of mobile technology.

Motorola stole the show with the unveiling of a concept smartphone featuring a flexible display that can bend and wrap around a user’s wrist. Lenovo impressed attendees with a concept laptop equipped with a transparent screen that uses artificial intelligence to display information about objects behind the screen.

Tecno also made waves at the event by introducing the Phantom Ultimate phone with an expandable screen that expands horizontally, catering to users’ evolving needs. Humane introduced the AI Pin, a small device attached to clothing that acts as a voice assistant, camera, and unique laser projector.

Oppo debuted the Air Glass 3, a prototype set of augmented reality glasses with an AI assistant. Tecno showcased an augmented reality gaming headset with a built-in video game controller, while Xiaomi announced a professional photography kit for its Xiaomi 14 smartphone to enhance camera capabilities.

Samsung entered the wearables market with the unveiling of the Galaxy Ring, its first smart ring equipped with sensors to track health metrics. Additionally, Tecno showcased the Dynamic 1 robot dog, inspired by a German Shepherd, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to innovation.

Xiaomi also impressed attendees with the SU7 smartphone, highlighting the brand’s technological advancements in the mobile space. With each new product and concept, the Mobile World Congress 2024 proved to be a hotbed of innovation and a glimpse into the future of mobile technology.

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