Home Top News Die Alm 2021 airing dates, episode 2 airing time

Die Alm 2021 airing dates, episode 2 airing time

Die Alm 2021 airing dates, episode 2 airing time

The third season of “Die Alm” in Proseepion is already in full swing. We have the broadcast dates and times of the reality show and all the information for you.

After a ten-year hiatus from broadcasting, “Die Alm” 2021 now enters a new round. In fact, the third season of reality design announced for 2012, Prociphen Filming was canceled a few months before the start. With new reviewers and new, more or less important candidates facing tough alpine life, the reality show wants to impress television front viewers again this year.

When did Season 3 of “Die Alm” begin in Procyban? What about broadcast dates and broadcast times? Which candidates are participating in the new edition? All information about “Die Alm – Promischweiwe & Edelweiss” can be found here in this article.

“Die Alm” 2021: Broadcast Dates and Broadcast Times

New episodes of “Die Alm” have been running since June 24, 2021, always on Thursdays at 8.15pm. Prociphen. A total of six new episodes of the reality TV show have been announced. Here is an overview of all the broadcast dates for Season 3:

Chapter Day of the week Date Time Sender
1 Thursday 24.06.2021 8.15pm. Prociphen
2 Thursday 01.07.2021 8.15pm. Prociphen
3 Thursday 08.07.2021 8.15pm. Prociphen
4 Thursday 15.07.2021 8.15pm. Prociphen
5 Thursday 22.07.2021 8.15pm. Prociphen
6 Thursday 29.07.2021 8.15pm. Prociphen

The first season was extended by a week due to good ratings. If there are additional broadcast dates, we will let you know about them here.

“‘S evaluatorsAlm – PromischweiƟ & Edelweiss “

In the third season of “Die Alm”, Colian Ulmen-Fernandez and Christian Doran manage the show. They not only guide you through the show, but also observe and comment on the difficult daily lives of celebrities who have to work on the album to present themselves.

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Christian Duran, who is familiar with reality TV, said in advance: “I’m a huge reality TV fan, I really absorb everything from the genre. It’s a very exciting set. This is the first time we’re working together for Golis and me – I look forward to it.”

Candidates “Alm“: Who is likely to be there?

Participants in the new edition of “Die Alm” have not yet been officially determined. However, some rumors are circulating, and there are speculations in the tabloid press about potential candidates. At this time, thirteen or more leading candidates are discussing who can move to their new rural home in June. In this article you will find more information: Candidates: Will these participants be in “Die Alm” 2021?

Alm“: Relocation TV And stream

Season 3 of the reality TV show “Die Alm” can be watched live not only on TV but also online. Is the stream free? Do I need to register to stream “Die Alm”? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about live broadcasts on TV and stream: Alm 2021: All information about broadcasts and rebroadcasts. (THE)

We would like to know what you think: Oxburger Alzheimer’s so works with concept research firm CV. Read here what representative surveys are and why you should register.


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