Warren Buffett has donated half of his fortune since 2006
“Society knows what to do with my money – I don’t,” Buffett wrote Thursday night. The remaining half of his shares remain in Berkshire Hathaway’s $100 billion (€83.68 billion) investment holding. Eventually, everything would be donated. In 2006, Buffett announced that he would donate all of his assets to charity. This year’s donation of $4.1 billion in shares in his investment holding company will again go to five institutions chosen by Buffett at the time. Among them are the founder of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and his wife Melinda, who divorced. Buffett also announced that he would step down as trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Buffett wrote that with the stock donation since 2006, the foundations could have had a fortune of $41 billion, which was quickly spent at his behest. “If you had waited until now to donate the shares, the five foundations would instead get $100 billion.” This raises the question whether the company would have benefited more in the end if he had amassed his fortune for a longer period.

Berkshire Hathaway owns about 90 companies, as well as various holdings in large companies such as Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo and Apple. The investment legend, known as the “Oracle of Omaha” because of its savory smell of profitable investments, has led the group for more than 50 years. Berkshire Hathaway shares make up more than 99 percent of Buffett’s fortune.

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