DFB decides
The DFB Cup season for VFL Wolfsburg is over

Wolfsburg’s biggest weakness in the DFB Cup is the rules. For the second time, Lower Saxony lost a game at the “Green Table”. This time the user is Prussia Munster. Despite the defeat, the club moves on to the next round and collects bonuses.

Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg then lost 3-1 to SC Preußen Münster in the DFB Cup. Following a hearing in Frankfurt / Maine, the German Football Association (DFB) Sports Court issued a regional league’s objection to the evaluation of the first round match. According to the Sports Court, the game was rated 2-0 by Frozen Munster.

The decision of the DFB Sports Court paved the way for Prison Munster to reach the second round of the trophy on 26/27. October. At the same time, the judge’s verdict gave the fourth division team a fixed premium of about 257,000 euros.

Wolfsburg head coach Mark von Bommel replaced a total of six players in the August 8 match in Munster. The Dutchman made three substitutes at regular time, and three specialists were added in overtime. Under DFB law, this is not allowed.

The Champions League participant was unaware of DFB’s related arrangements. Another restriction applies to the European Championships and the Olympic football tournament with six changes allowed in the extension event.

This is not the first time VFL has been eliminated from the DFP Cup by a decision known as the Wolfsburg Green Table. In 2004, Lower Saxony used their new club, newcomer Marion Hristow, despite being banned after being given a red card by their new club 1. FC Kaiserslatter.

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