Fabian Schmutsler in his introduction.

Fabian Schmutsler is cool in his World Cup debut, but lost to Englishman Ryan Maikil. “Fabulous Fab” is satisfied with its performance and wants to design a special moment.



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Fabian Schmutsler at the Darts World Cup.

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Fabian, 16, of Frankfurt Turtler Debuted at the Darts World Cup. Ryan Michael lost 0: 3 to Alexandra’s Palace in London on Thursday evening in front of about 3,000 spectators. The Englishman will meet former Scottish world champion Peter Wright on Friday evening (11pm).

Due to the defeat, Schmutsler missed the young player who came to the second round. After a tense start and a quick 3-0 win in the first set, he was able to win his first leg consistently with his opponent over the age of nine. In the end, Schmutsler averaged 89.14 points, thus ranking 71st in the world, but seldom used his chances of winning doubles (33 percent).

Schmutsler: “Records are incredible”

The Schmutzler family will not return home until Saturday and will use Friday to visit London. Schmutsler has a lot of experience. After the game he told the broadcaster Sport 1: “The impressions are incredible. I’m satisfied with the match, not just the end. I want to use today’s experience to improve my game.”

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Despite the obvious failure, Schmutsler also saw positive things. “In the end it’s a smack, but I’ll take a lot with me. I played 89er cut, which I am very satisfied with,” he later said on the ARD microphone. The way to the stage was a particular highlight for him. “This style was so awesome, I hope my parents took a video or photos. I’m definitely designing it.”

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