Toshiba has now announced the new 3.5-inch 2TB hard disk drive, the P300. According to the company, the drive in question was developed for desktop applications, PC computing, gaming and storage. The hard drive has a 7200 rpm and a 6 Gb / s SATA interface. Toshiba also uses SMR (interlocking magnetic recording) technology for the P300.

Thanks to SMR, the cross-writing of the tracks creates a higher data density, so that only the necessary magnetic surface is required for correct reading. With CMR, each track is separated by a small area. The SMR approach achieves higher capacitances than a CMR drive in the same magnetic region, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The cache architecture also affects the random rewrite issue.

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As can be seen from the data sheet of the P300, the disk has a 256MB buffer and the hard drive is said to achieve a sustainable transfer rate of 210MB/s. According to the manufacturer, this represents a 19% increase in data transfer speed compared to the standard P300 series desktop hard drives.

There is no information yet on non-binding rates. However, the P300 should be available in stores from the third quarter of 2022. There is more information about the P300 series. over here.

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