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HomescienceDental health: Holes in your teeth can be fatal

Dental health: Holes in your teeth can be fatal

Dental diseases have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. This is what a Swedish study showed.

Holes in the mouth not only look unsightly – they are also harmful to our health. a Swedish study show the Effects of dental disease on the cardiovascular system It seems that bad teeth can lead to severe heart disease.

Caries: fatal in extreme cases, according to the study

The study included 7674 people of both sexes periodontal disease Observed over a period of about twelve years – the result is remarkable People who lost their teeth Carries risks of cardiovascular disease. The rate of heart disease was especially notable in people who suffer from it Less than ten special teeth It was.

How often should I change the toothbrush?

Tooth decay study: Bad teeth increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

This is due to bad bacteria too mouth ulcers to lead. These do not necessarily stay in the gums, but can spread over them Distribution of the bloodstream throughout the body. This way you can harmful bacteria finally too heart And cause serious illness there. According to the study author, the risk is seven times greater because of it Inadequate dental health in the cardiovascular system to get sick.

If this is not a reason, go to dentist stops at.

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