Home Tech The legendary sequel is coming to Switch in 2021!

The legendary sequel is coming to Switch in 2021!

The legendary sequel is coming to Switch in 2021!

What’s taking so long comes as a complete surprise: As part of the Nintendo Direct at E3 2021, Nintendo announced Metroid Dread, a sequel to Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance. Yes, it did take some time. On October 8th, the 2.5-D action adventure will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch

The rumors about the game have been around for a long time, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Nintendo Wii it was even mentioned by name in a file called Easter Egg.

The game that is now appearing should not have much to do with the development at that time. So it’s not the least satisfactory that the story of Fusion, which marked the previous primary end of the Metroid series, now finally continues. In the developer’s video after the reveal, the developers revealed that the first development steps had already been taken 15 years ago, but the technology’s plans at the time were very ambitious. With the strength of Switch and MercurySteam as developers already established with Metroid: Samus Returns, it’s time.

Samus must defend himself in the game against the “horror” of the same name in the form of bots called EMMI, which they hunt as mercilessly as SA-X in Fusion. However, as a new tool, it has a practical invisibility cloak for sensitive cases in its repertoire. In addition, she can now glide along the ground and the melee attack returns from Samus Returns.

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Apart from that, high-quality and well-known Metroidvania gameplay should be offered. In the coming weeks and months we’ll likely find out more about the exact background to Samus Aran’s story, which must face some kind of conclusion with awe. There will also be new Amiibo from Samus Aran and EMMI leek, as well as a special edition, including a hardcover and art book.

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