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Death Valley: A couple leaves a message in the car – a dead tourist

California –

“There are two flat tires, on the way to Mormon Point, water for three days.” This is the last message from Alexander Lovgren, who was left in his broken car. He was on a dangerous camping trip with his girlfriend Emily Henkel – and was killed in the process.

  • A couple crashes in Death Valley, California
  • A man can only be recovered dead
  • The couple left a message in their broken car

Lovegreen and Henkel were both from Arizona. They wanted to try a risky adventure together, from which they would never return.

The Americans went on a trip to the Mojave Desert in California, known as “Death Valley”. Because of the tremendous temperatures, Death Valley is one of the hottest regions in the world.

After a car crashes: A couple seeks help in Death Valley

Emily Henkel’s brother told the gate GoFundMe Now, how it came to the death of 32-year-old Lovegreen and what injured his sister from the trip. The two had a crash with Subaru on April 4 at a spot far away in Death Valley.

They went looking for help and left a note in their car in case visitors to the national park must come by car. Lovegreen and Henkel’s idea bore fruit: the two families began searching after they had not returned home and no one had heard of them. Park employees finally find a Subaru – the crucial note on it

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Death Valley: Spouses’ Rescue Delayed – A man can only be saved dead

Rescuers were finally able to locate the couple on a steep ledge. However, at first the assistants were unable to reach people who were looking for help. According to the local mayor’s office, the “extreme situation” was to blame. So it was “a very difficult task in an unforgiving region”.

Rescuers arrived at Lovegreen and Henkel only the next day. Help came too late for him, as he sustained fatal injuries while trying to cross Willow Creek Canyon to the nearest road. Emily Henkel was taken to the hospital with a serious foot injury.

The two families are now seeking donations to pay for the rescue, hospital bills and Lovgren’s funeral. (NB)

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