Daniela Katzenberger: Lucas is in the shower!  Photographing his wife with her

Daniela Katzenberger: Lucas Cordales in the bathroom – photographing his wife there

07/08/2021 at 4:53 PM

Daniela Katzenberger created something special for Lucas Cordales' birthday.

Daniela Katzenberger created something special for Lucas Cordales’ birthday.

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happy Birthday dear Lucas Cordales. Husband Daniela Katzenberger He turned 54 on Saturday. His wife has come up with some ideas for this.

Not only this Lucas Cordales T-shirt with a print Daniela Katzenberger And her daughter Sophia as a gift. number, Daniela Katzenberger They’ve also come up with something very special. What does that have to do with the family bathroom mirror? We explain.

Daniela Katzenberger: Birthday Celebrations for Husband Lucas Cordales

For example, Lucas Cordales portrays himself in a relaxed manner on his special day in the bathroom. The 54-year-old was brushing his teeth when Daniela Katzenberger suddenly showed up at the door.


This is Daniela Katzenberger:

  • Daniela Denise Katzenberger was born on October 1, 1986 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein
  • The beautician became a TV star through the Vox programs “Auf und Away – My International Diary” and “Goodbye Germany”
  • She has been married to Lucas Cordales since June 2016 – the couple have a daughter, Sophia (*2015)
  • Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, Iris Klein and sister Jennifer Frankhauser repeatedly appear in various reality TV formats
  • In November 2020, she participated in the singing show “The Masked Singer” with her husband Lucas Cordalis, as a meerkat couple made it to the finals.
  • She has millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook


The blonde wears only a bikini, and dances behind her husband. She spins subtly around her hips, rocking her butt to the beat of the music. crazy.

And Lucas Cordales, he has to smile. About the video, the singer wrote: “My wife worked hard this morning and gave me a wonderful birthday dance.”

He’s right. There is no other way to describe Daniela Katzenberger’s contribution.


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This cannot be true. Daniela Katzenberger makes a decision. Fans will not like it.

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