Home Top News Current boxing: The fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has been scheduled

Current boxing: The fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has been scheduled

Current boxing: The fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has been scheduled

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury must face each other in 2021 – twice. You can find all the news related to the date, location and potential streaming live here.

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Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury – In boxing boxing fans don’t want to fight that much. In 2021, the time finally came: Joshua and Furry can compete in the Crown Heavyweight duel. The focus is on: can.

Tyson Fury names the history of the fight against Anthony Joshua

Anyway, Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn is hoping for it. Confirmed to the TV station Sky Sports A week ago: The first battle was fixed. Accordingly, Joshua and Fury want to get in Saudi Fight in front of about 20,000 spectators. Hearn called the 7 or 14 August 2021 as possible dates, and he thinks a late date is better because the Olympic Games End in Tokyo (July 23 to August 8).

Meanwhile, Fury has also commented on a possible date. He set August 14, 2021 as the date for the fight on Instagram. The date has not been confirmed by Hearn / Joshua. For now, the likely date is Saturday August 14th.

Anthony Joshua: “We’re all tired of talking.”

Joshua was previously upset about difficult contract negotiations. A few days ago, he wrote to Fury on Twitter: “I’m tired. My fans are tired. Your fans are tired. We are all tired of talking.” Joshua added, “Less talk. More work!”

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If the battle does indeed break out, it must take place in Jeddah, on the Red Sea. Up to 20,000 spectators should be able to watch the boxing match live in the arena. A total of two fights between Joshua and Fury will take place. There is no probable date for the second battle yet.

Joshua vs. Fury: an all-or-nothing boxing match

What makes a boxing match or a boxing match so special? The battle winner will unify the world titles of all major boxing federations. Because: In a fight between Anthony Joshua (WBA, IBF, and WBO World Title) and Tyson Fury (WBC World Title), all four world titles are at stake. For Joshua and Furry an all-or-nothing battle would be a possibility.

Anthony Joshua is used to winning. Can he hold out against Tyson Fury, too?

Photo: Oliver Waiken, dpa (Archives)

Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury: news in date, time and live broadcast

But the condition is still important: the first two fights could occur in August 2021. But the global spread of the Coronavirus may frustrate the plans. In addition, professional boxing is known for the fact that promises and promises are often not fulfilled by their participants. So the confrontation between Joshua and Fury is far from certain.

So far, the fight between Joshua and Furry had only stood in the way of the feud between Fury and Dontai Wilder, who deposed him. American Wilder insisted on a third duel against Fury: in December 2018, Wilder and Fury parted in a draw, in February 2020, Fury then defeated Wilder by a technical knockout.

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Tyson Fury: Can he defeat Anthony Joshua?

Photo: Stephen Baston, PA Wire / dpa (Photo Archive)

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: What are the odds?

Anthony Joshua: The 31-year-old (fighting name “AJ”) was always considered indomitable – until Andy Ruiz Jr. came in June 2019, sending Joshua four times and claiming world titles from three important boxing federations. It is the only defeat Joshua suffered in his career. Because: In December 2019, the British fought against Ruiz again, winning and regaining his three world championships titles from the WBA, IBF and WBO. In total, Joshua won 24 of the 25 fights – 22 of them even by knockout.

Tyson Fury: The 32-year-old (fighting name “Gipsy King”) also comes from Great Britain and is considered one of the best boxers in the world. Most recently, he defeated American Deontay Wilder in early 2020, thus taking from him the WBC World Championship belt. Other than that, Fury’s fight record is impressive: Fury won 30 of the 31 fights – 21 of them by knockout. Fury’s worst result was a draw against Wilder in the first meeting in late 2018.

Anthony Joshua v. Tyson Fury: Live Streaming on DAZN Live?

There is still no fixed date for the first and second fights between Joshua and Fury. If a date is set, the boxing match is sure to be streamed live.

It is not yet known which broadcaster will secure the rights to broadcast the fight between Joshua and Fury. Once it becomes clear where to watch the boxing match live in the broadcast, you’ll find it here.

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Anthony Joshua wants to defend his boxing belt as well as the Fury World Title.

Photo: Nick Potts, PA Wire / dpa (Archives)

Anthony Joshua v. Tyson Fury: Live Streaming on Free TV?

It is also unclear if the boxing match between Joshua and Fury will be shown live on Free TV. Once you have information on this, you will find it here.

It is conceivable, for example, that a flow gate Dazen Secure fighting rights. In this case, it shouldn’t be watched for free on Free TV. If you have a smart TV, you can usually watch a boxing match on TV using an app.

Dazen Offers a free trial month. For new customers, the battle can be considered free. After that, the service fee is paid. The monthly subscription costs 11.99 € per month, and the annual subscription 119.99 € per year. (The)

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: Does DAZN Believe in Fighting Broadcasts?

Photo: Rolf Vinnbrund, dpa (avatar)

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