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Cruiser: I want to constantly improve

Cruiser: I want to constantly improve

March 24, 2021, 4:55 pm

Some might expect that even the city of eight thousand meters in Oregon, known as Boring, would not produce one of the biggest stars of contemporary world athletics. But look at his gigantic 201 cm tall figure, it is clear that American bowler Ryan Cruiser is destined to break records.

When he won the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with a new Olympic record of 22.52, he showed himself more in 2016 and then showed a 22-meter target on a treadmill. In the 2019 season, he finished second in the highest quality ball final in history at the World Championships in Doha with a performance of 22.90, a year later he was able to advance to 22.91, thereby now sharing third place in the historic world rankings with the winner from Doha and teammate Joe Kovacs. However, he is predicted to cross the 23-meter mark and become the third bowler in history. The trash for 22 of his submissions is already standard. Last year alone last season, he recorded 36 wickets beyond this limit, which is more than what other bowlers have been able to do in his entire life.

By the way, when he returned to racing in Manhattan after a training break last December, his performance was 22.58, just eight centimeters behind his predecessor Randy Barnes’ inner world record. It was clear that Baring’s record of 22.66 would be a real threat if it retreated a little further.. “The December race in Manhattan was a test of what form I was in. I did not expect to throw up yet. I wanted to compete for fun.” Confirms that he was far from the upper form.

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At his next start in late January in Fayetteville, he broke Randy Barnes ’real indoor world record of 1989 when he sent his devices 22.82 miles.
“I tried it first. Sometimes I have a problem. It gave me a lot of relief. I felt a lot of pressure. However, it was far from ideal. I take the indoor world record and the open world record to cross the 23 meter mark,” he said. He is clear about his ambitions for the next races.

A week after his record, confirming the consistency of his best performances, he returned to Fayetteville with a record of 22.66, a trash equivalent to the previous world record. He also added 22.65, 22.43 and 22.26 attempts. Nevertheless, he feels great reserves. “I definitely have something to improve in technology. We haven’t tuned in to the indoor season in any way. I ran out of full training. In the summer I still have to work at speed, so I’m very excited about the indoor shows.” In the states.

Aim to throw success

In addition to undeniable ability, the cruiser can also rely on the finest genes. He comes from a blowing family. His father Mitch was able to disk 67.22 and his ball individual value was 20.04. He missed a spot on the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic team. His uncle Dean was a versatile pitcher with individual records of 21.07 on the ball and 65.88 on the disc. Another uncle, Brian is a great javelin thrower. He shot the old-fashioned javelin 95.10 and represented the United States in two Olympics. His children, Cruiser’s cousin and cousin, are also gathering success. Cousin Sam is a two-time NCAA javelin champion with 83.33, and cousin Haley holds the U.S. junior javelin record of 55.22 for three years since the 2012 junior season.

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However, it is not only the strong genes that are behind its unique achievements. His constant desire to improve and refine himself since high school. Since breaking the high school record at Rio Gold in Rio and winning the 2009 World Bowling Championship, he has been looking for the weaknesses he needs to eliminate in order to become world number one.

So far, the last major step towards further performance improvement has been the decision to travel to Foyetteville, 2,500 kilometers from San Diego, to train with successful coach Mario Sadekna. “I think I’m in the best place for my product right now. It’s not an easy change. I’m had to get used to it for a while, but now I’m feeling like I’re catching my rhythm again. I want to be in terms of my training, diet and weight. Do not lose motivation.

He is still waiting for the inner world title

There are only a handful of athletes who have broken the indoor world record, but have never won an indoor world championship. Cruiser is one of them. A few months before his Olympic victory in Rio, the Indoor World Championships were held at his home in Portland. However, at the time, the NCAA Championship was being held simultaneously, at which point he was forced to start as a university student, so he did not have the opportunity to start at HMS this year.

In the 2018 season, HMS took place in Birmingham, although he was previously in excellent form but missed the indoor season due to injury. Last year, he won the U.S. Indoor title with a performance of 22.60, and was eager to finally see him at HMS in Nanjing, but fate wanted it differently. The championship has been postponed due to a corona virus infection. This is so unbelievable that even though he topped the standings for the sixth year in a row, he never made it to the Indoor World Championships. “I like indoor racing because of the stable conditions. So I hope I don’t miss the indoor world championship next time.” He hopes to make his debut at this international event, the next edition of which will take place in Belgrade next year. At the time, he wanted to go to Serbia as a two-time Olympic champion.

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