Cristiano Ronaldo: The Zoff family with his girlfriend Georgina Riazat

As Cristiano Ronaldo (37) and the Portuguese compete with Switzerland for a place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar tomorrow (8pm), his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez (28) has to put up with serious accusations…

The Zoff family with Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina – now her half-sister is threatening her!

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Vaguely and enigmatically, Patricia Rodriguez said of Georgina on a TV show: “I don’t want people to know the truth. Be careful if I say what I know…”

Patricia seems to be going through a tough time — all on her own, without the help of her family, without the support of her famous half-sister.

“I’m broken,” she says, “and Georgina won’t help me. Sometimes I have enough to eat, sometimes not. Sometimes I can pay the rent, and sometimes I can’t.” Not understanding it at all, Patricia threatens to tell “things about Georgina’s private life.” And she declares bitterly: “Georgina is a bad person!”

strange scene in the background… A television interview with Matthews was suddenly interrupted!

It is said that Patricia asked her half-sister for help – in vain!

I asked her to help get textbooks for my kids. But it didn’t help me. I never asked her for money, on the contrary, I asked her for help for my children. I do not want the money. Never in my life have I begged her for a cent, not for a euro, ”says Patricia.

It gets worse!

She learns from her family that Georgina is making fun of her half-sister’s situation – that too! Patricia: “I don’t want to get angry and talk about things we shouldn’t be talking about. I don’t want people to know the truth. And bring to light something they might be afraid of.”

Ouch – that fits! This bitter and violent family quarrel with Ronaldo’s girlfriend is sure to last longer than the World Cup in Qatar …


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