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Crackdown on password sharing in Canada – Bio Prep Watch

Crackdown on password sharing in Canada – Bio Prep Watch

Title: Disney Plus Implements Password-Sharing Restrictions for Canadian Subscribers

In a move aimed at curbing password-sharing practices, Disney Plus has decided to crack down on subscribers in Canada who share their account credentials outside of their households. The popular streaming service has recently updated its Subscriber Agreement, outlining strict guidelines regarding account sharing privileges.

Canadian subscribers received an email notification, informing them about the new restrictions and the potential consequences for violating the policy. According to the updated agreement, users are prohibited from sharing their subscription, unless explicitly permitted by their account tier. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in Disney Plus limiting or terminating access to its streaming service.

To define the term “household,” Disney Plus has clarified that it includes devices associated with a subscriber’s primary residence, exclusively utilized by individuals living there. This means that sharing accounts with friends or family members living in separate locations will no longer be allowed.

The implementation of these new password-sharing restrictions is scheduled for November 1, affecting the majority of Canadian users. However, annual subscribers in Quebec may experience changes on a later date, dependent on their billing cycle. Users who switch their plan prior to November 1 will experience the updates immediately.

In addition to these restrictions, Disney Plus will introduce ad-supported tier offerings in Canada and select European markets, commencing from November 1. The ad-supported tier has already been available in the United States since December 2022, offering viewers a lower-cost alternative.

While Canadian subscribers and industry experts await further details regarding these new measures, it remains uncertain if similar restrictions will be implemented in other countries. When contacted by The Associated Press, Disney Plus did not provide additional information on its plans for expanding these restrictions beyond Canada.

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Overall, Disney Plus’ decision to tighten its grip on password-sharing practices showcases its commitment to preventing unauthorized account access and ensuring fair usage among subscribers. These steps aim to safeguard the interests of both the service provider and individual users, while potentially offering new options for viewers with the introduction of ad-supported tiers.


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