Covid-19: the end of containment in Shanghai



Covid-19: the end of containment in Shanghai
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On Wednesday, June 1, residents of Shanghai, China, emerged from a very tight two-month lockdown to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. In the country, the epidemic has receded, with 15 positive cases identified within 24 hours, compared to more than 25,000 at the end of April.

Midnight in Shanghai, China, on Wednesday, June 1. It’s time to disassemble. Residents celebrated with champagne near the river. Vinny Barriers that closed the entrances to housing to prevent residents from leaving their homes. For Rita, this prolonged solitary confinement leaves a bitter aftertaste. This 30-year-old advertiser felt trapped and on the verge of depression. “This will leave scars in Shanghai. There were times when I felt really hungry at first, and once that was over, it was a mental health challenge.”Rita reveals Cheng.

All shops, even luxury ones, as well as restaurants, have reopened. But returning to life before is not complete. Room service is prohibited, only outside dining is allowed. Officially, there are 15 new Covid-19 patients on Wednesday 1 June and 650,000 people are still in confinement.


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